2010 Year End List Mentions: Reissues/Vault Music

These are records that show up in various year-end lists, except new releases. The focus is on new releases, so the following are incidental pickups. Those in blue are ones I have in more/less final form. Those in green I have as stripped down promos or don't have but have managed to hear somehow (borrowed copies, downloads, Rhapsody). The numbers in {} are the number of mentions. An asterisk at the end of the label credit indicates that the record is all previously unreleased material (considered a new record by some, historical by others).

Note: File has been frozen as of Jan. 24, 2011.

Sub Lists

Some breakdowns by genre (initially just jazz). In many cases these are incomplete, partly because this was an added feature, partly because they're hard to verify.

Various Artist Anthologies

Minimum 10 mentions.

  1. Walter Gibbons: Jungle Music [Strut] {13}: V[944-1-10]; AM, PF:85, PX:80, URB:90; TH:***

The Rest of the List: Various Artist Compilations

  1. Adventures in Dubstep & Beyond [Ministry of Sound]
  2. Astro:dynamics [Astro:dynamics]
  3. Blow Your Head Vol. 1: Diplo Presents Dubstep [Mad Decent/Downtown] {5}: V[1304-1-10]; PX:80, RS:70, SP:70; RC:A-, MT:**, TH:*
  4. Clicks and Cuts Five: Paradigm Shift [Mille Plateaux]: URB:80
  5. Cold Waves & Minimal Electronics [Angular] {4}: V[1725-1-5]
  6. A Complete Introduction to Disco [Universal] {2}: AM
  7. Deep Sensation 3 Mixed by Nick Harris [NRK]
  8. Deutsche Elektronische Musik: Experimental German Rock and Electronic Musik 1972-83 [Soul Jazz] {6}
  9. Disco Discharge: Diggin' Deeper {2}
  10. Disco Discharge: Disco Boogie {2}
  11. Disco Discharge: The Pink Pounders
  12. Disco Inferno: The 5 EPs
  13. Eccentric Breaks & Beats [Numero Group] {2}: URB:80; RC:**
  14. Elevator Music Vol 1 [Fabric]: V[1789-1-5]
  15. The Exploding Disco Inevitable
  16. Fuck Dance, Let's Art [!K7]: DS:80
  17. Funf [Ostgut Ton] {4}: {RA}
  18. Horse Meat Disco II
  19. Joachim Spieth presients Selected 6 [Affin]
  20. Mandarinen Traume: Electronic Escapes From the Deutsche Demokratische Republic, 1981-1989 [Permanent Vacation] {2}: V[1470-1-10] {RA}
  21. Modeselektion Vol. 01 [Monkeytown] {3}: URB:90
  22. Night Slugs Allstars Volume 1 [Night Slugs] {5}: V[465-2-25]
  23. Pop Ambient 2010 [Kompakt] {2}: AM
  24. Riddim Box: Excursions in the UK Funky Underground [Soul Jazz] {2}
  25. Rough Trade Synth Wave 10
  26. Secret Weapons [DJ History]
  27. Tropical Heat Vol 1 & Vol 2 [Myor]

Artist-Specific Anthologies/Reissues

  1. Bob Blank: Blank Generation: Blank Tapes NYC 1975-1985 [Strut]
  2. Chris Carter: The Spaces Between [Optimo Music] {3}
  3. A Certain Ratio: Force
  4. Chris & Cosey: Heartbeat [Conspiracy International] {3}
  5. Kevin Drumm: Necro Acoustic [PicaDisk] {6}: {W:10}
  6. Kevin Drumm: Sheer Hellish Miasma [Editions Mego]
  7. Mark E: Works 2005-2009: Selected Tracks & Edits [Merc]
  8. EMAK: A Synthetic History of EMAK 1982-88 [Universal Sound]
  9. Peter Gordon/Love of Life Orchestra: Peter Gordon/Love of Life Orchestra [DFA] {8}: V[580-2-20]
  10. Bruce Haack: Farad: The Electric Voice [Stones Throw] {3}
  11. Anworth Kirk & Demdike Stare: Samhain Slant Azimuth Volume 1 [Pre-Cert Home Entertainment]
  12. Thomas Koner: Nunatak/Teimo/Permafrost [Type] {5}: V[1740-1-5]
  13. Madlib: The Complete Medicine Show (Volumes 1-11) [Stones Throw] {2}
  14. Merzbow: Merzbient [Soleilmoon, 12CD] {3}: JL
  15. Dieter Moebius: Tonspuren [1983, Bureau B] {2}
  16. John Morales: The M&M Mixes [BBE -09] {3}: SP:70, URB:80
  17. Neu: Box [Gronland] {7}: V[514-2-20] - also: Neu! Vinyl Box [Limited Edition]
  18. Neu: '72 Non-Public Test
  19. Neu: Neu! 86 [Gronland] {4}: FL:85
  20. Pantha Du Prince: This Bliss [Dial]
  21. Plastikman: Arkives 1993-2010 [M-nus] {3}
  22. Recloose: Early Works [Rush Hour]
  23. Roedelius: The Diary of the Unforgotten (Selbstportrait VI) [Bureau B]
  24. Hans-Joachim Roedelius: Wenn der Sudwind Weht [1981]
  25. Virgo: Virgo [Rush Hour] {7}: {RA}

Lists Consulted

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