Metafile: 2011 Reissues/Compilations

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Some breakdowns by genre:


  1. Ray Charles: Singular Genius: The Complete ABC Singles (Concord, 5CD) {8}: AC:89, AM:90; YW
  2. Willie Wright: Telling the Truth (1977, Numero Group) {8}: MC(79/5), AM:80, Bl:80, CMJ:80, Pf:78, S:70; YW; V[902-1-10]
  3. Aretha Franklin: Take a Look: Aretha Franklin Complete on Columbia (Columbia/Legacy) {7}: P:93, PM:80, RS:90, S:80; FD
  4. E-40: Revenue Retrievin': Graveyard Shift (EMI) {6}: Pf:83, S:70, XXL:80; CM; V[180-7-65]
  5. E-40: Revenue Retrievin': Overtime Shift (EMI) {6}: Pf:80, S:80, XXL:80; CM
  6. Our Lives Are Shaped by What We Love: Motown's Mowest Story 1971-1973 (Light in the Attic) {5}: AM:80, Ok:88, S:70; V[1670-1-7]
  7. True Soul: Deep Sounds From the Left of Stax Vol 1 (Now-Again) {4}: Ok:90, Ph:100, S:80; TH:***; V[902-1-10]
  8. Shirley Brown: Woman to Woman (Stax) {3}: Bl:90, PM:90; YW
  9. Ray Charles: Live in Concert (Concord) {3}: PM:90; DB
  10. Etta James: The Essential Modern Records Collection (EMI) {3}: PM:80, S:70; RC:A-
  11. Sade: The Ultimate Collection (Epic) {3}: AM:100, RS:80
  12. True Soul: Deep Sounds From the Left of Stax Vol 2 (Now-Again) {3}: G:80, S:80; TH:**
  13. Blu: Her Favorite Colo(u)r (2009, Nature Sounds) {2}: HDX:80, Ok:83; TH:*
  14. DeBarge: Time Will Reveal: The Complete Motown Albums (1982-85, Hip-O Select, 3CD) {2}: AM:90
  15. The Dramatics: Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get (Stax) {2}: Bl:90; YW
  16. Dobie Gray: Drift Away/Loving Arms (1972-73, Raven) {2}: AM:90
  17. The JBs and Fred Wesley: The Lost Album (1972, Hip-O Select) {2}: AM:80; JG, TH:*
  18. Alicia Keys: Songs in A Minor [10th Anniversary Collector's Edition] (J/Legacy) {2}: AS:80, RS:80
  19. Teena Marie: Irons in the Fire (1981, Motown/Hip-O Select) {2}: AM:80
  20. The Marvelettes: Forever More: The Complete Motown Albums, Volume 2 (Hip-O Select/Motown, 4CD) {2}: Bl:80, RS:70
  21. Stephanie Mills: Feel the Fire: The 20th Century Collection (Mercury, 2CD) {2}: AM:90
  22. John Morales: The M+M Mixes, Vol 2 (BBE) {2}: AM:80
  23. Skip Scarborough: The Skip Scarborough Songbook (Expansion) {2}: AM:90
  24. Jill Scott: Hidden Beach Presents: The Original Jill Scott: From the Vault Vol 1 (Hidden Beach) {2}: BB:85; V[902-1-10]
  25. Tha Grimm Teachaz: There's a Situation on the Homefront (Breakfast) {2}: RC:A-, TH:A-
  26. Come Together: Black America Sings Lennon and McCartney (Ace) {2}: AM:80
  27. Disco Discharge: Disco Fever USA (Harmless, 2CD) {2}: AM:80
  28. Sweet Inspiration: The Songs of Dan Penn and Spooner Oldham (Ace) {2}: AM:80
  29. The Big Beat of Dave Bartholomew: 20 of His Milestone New Orleans Productions 1949-1960 (Capitol) {2}: AM:100
  30. Brides of Funkenstein: Never Buy Texas From a Cowboy (Wounded Bird) {1}: YW
  31. Aretha Franklin: Great American Songbook (Legacy) {1}: AM
  32. Genius/GZA: Liquid Swords (1995, Get On Down) {1}:
  33. Kool and Together: Original Recordings 1970-77 (Heavy Light/Light in the Attic) {1}: Bl:80; V[902-1-10]
  34. Kool Moe Dee: Kool Moe Dee (The Orchard) {1}: YW
  35. Teena Marie: Lady T (Motown/Hip-O Select) {1}: AM
  36. Norman Jay MBE: Good Times [30th Anniversary Edition] (Strut) {1}: Bl:80
  37. Ol' Dirty Bastard: Return to the 36 Chambers (1995, Get On Down) {1}:
  38. The SOS Band: Icon (Tabu) {1}: AM
  39. Swamp Dogg: It's All Good: A Singles Collection 1963-1989 (Kent) {1}: YW
  40. Tammi Terrell: Come On and See Me: The Complete Solo Collection (Hip-O Select/Motown) {1}: AC:89
  41. Rufus Thomas: Do the Funky Chicken (Stax) {1}: PM:80
  42. Rufus Thomas: The Funky Chicken (Stax) {1}: Bl:90
  43. Blacksmith Presents: The Community Mixtape (Blacksmith) {1}: Ok:88
  44. Motown's MoWest Story 1971-1973 (Light in the Attic) {1}:
  45. R&B Hipshakers Vol 1: Teach Me to Monkey (Vampisoul) {1}: Bl:80


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