Metafile: 2012 Reissues/Compilations

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Some breakdowns by genre:


  1. Lee Hazlewood: The LHI Years: Singles, Nudes, and Backsides (Light in the Attic) {13}: MC(83/6), AM:80, Bl:80, DS:80, M:80, MO:80, Pf:76; V[1385-1-5]
  2. Kin: Songs by Mary Karr and Rodney Crowell (Vanguard) {12}: MC(73/6), AS:(32), CW:70, E145:(18), Ph:88; TH:**; V[248-4-37]
  3. Woody Guthrie: Woody at 100 (Smithsonian Folkways, 3CD) {11}: MC(92/7), AM:80, AV:83, EW:100, Ex:90, Pf:85, PM:100, RS:90; V[723-1-10]
  4. The Flatlanders: The Odessa Tapes (1972, New West) {7}: MC(88/5), AC:89, AM:80, AS:80, IS:90, M:80; YW, TH:***
  5. Johnny Cash: Bootleg Vol IV: The Soul of Truth (Columbia/Legacy) {5}: CW:70, PM:80; TH:A-
  6. Waylon Jennings: Goin' Down Rockin': The Last Recordings (Saguaro Road/Turner-Up) {5}: E145:(6), RS:80
  7. Johnny Cash: The Complete Albums Collection (Columbia/Legacy, 63CD) {3}: AM:90
  8. Nashville [Original Soundtrack]: Season 1, Volume 1 (Big Machine) {3}: EW:91; V[1385-1-5]
  9. Merle Haggard: The Troubadour (Bear Family, 4CD) {2}: AM:80
  10. Mel McDaniel: Baby's Got Her Blue JeansOn: His Original Capital Hits (Real Gone) {2}: AM:90
  11. Jerry Reed: The Unbelievable Guitar and Voice of Jerry Reed: Nashville Underground (1967-68, Real Gone) {2}: AM:90
  12. Red Simpson: Hello, I'm Red Simpson (Bear Family, 5CD) {2}: AM:90
  13. Tompall and the Glaser Brothers: The Award Winners/Rings and Things (Hux) {2}: AM:80
  14. Orchestra Baobab (La Belle Epoque Volume 1 1973-1976) {2}:
  15. The Return of the Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of (Yazoo) {2}: RS:80
  16. Brooks and Dunn: The Essential Brooks and Dunn (Sony Legacy, 2CD) {1}: R:80
  17. Terri Clark: Classic () {1}: R:80
  18. Alan Jackson: The Essential Alan Jackson (Arista/Legacy, 2CD) {1}: R:80
  19. Waylon Jennings: Live! at the US Festival (Shout Factory) {1}: PM:80
  20. George Jones: Heartbreak Hotel: Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight (Bear Family) {1}: YW
  21. Shelby Lynne: Revelation Road [Deluxe Edition] (Everso) {1}: PM:90
  22. Willie Nelson: Live! at the US Festival (Shout Factory) {1}: PM:80
  23. Buck Owens: Live at the White House (Omnivore) {1}: PM:80
  24. Hank Williams: The Lost Concerts (Time Life) {1}:
  25. Lowe Country: The Songs of Nick Lowe (Fiesta Red) {1}: MC(64/4); RC:*, TH:B
  26. Now That's What I Call Country Ballads () {1}: R:80
  27. Now That's What I Call Country Volume 5 () {1}: R:80
  28. Waylon: The Music Inside, Vol II (Joe's Entertainment) {1}: Buf:88
  29. We Walk the Line: A Celebration of the Music of Johnny Cash () {1}: CW:70


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