Metacritic Aggregate: 2020 Old Music: Metal

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Some breakdowns by genre:


  1. Motorhead: Ace of Spades [40th Anniversary Edition] (Sanctuary) {8}: AM:*, ClR:*, PM_r:14, RC_v:17; rs_x:4 -- A:92/3
  2. Linkin Park: Hybrid Theory [20th Anniversary Edition] (Warner) {4}: AM:*, K:*, SC:*, Spk:* -- A:90/5
  3. Boris: Amplifier Worship (Third Man) {2}: Mj:*; aqd:+
  4. Mastodon: Medium Rarities (Reprise) {2}: Gl:*, K:* -- A:70/6, M:74/5
  5. NWOBHM Thunder: New Wave of British Heavy Metal 1978-1986 (Cherry Red -3CD) {2}: AM:*; am_z:+
  6. 16-17: Phantom Limb (1995-2018, Trost) {1}: TN:* -- TH:B
  7. Boris: Absolutego (1996, Third Man) {1}: aqd:+
  8. The Sword: Chronology: 2006-2018 (Craft) {1}: AM:*