Metacritic Aggregate: 2022 Old Music: Country/Americana/Folk

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Some breakdowns by genre:


  1. Willie Nelson: Live at Budokan (Legacy) {5}: TL_r:13; hc_d:1
  2. Terry Allen & the Panhandle Mystery Band: Bloodlines (1983, Paradise of Bachelors) {4}: aqd:+ -- TH:***
  3. Terry Allen & the Panhandle Mystery Band: Smokin the Dummy (Paradise of Bachelors) {3}: aqd:+ -- TH:**
  4. Kris Kristofferson: Live at Gilley's, Pasadena, TX: September 15th, 1981 (New West) {3}: TL_r:10
  5. Jerry Lee Lewis: The Killer Keys of Jerry Lee Lewis (1956-60, Sun) {3}: -- TH:***
  6. Morgan Wade: Reckless [Deluxe Edition] (Arista Nashville) {3}: PO:*, XCI:18
  7. Brother Smith: La Sinfonia Del Vaquero Suburbano () {1}: H:*
  8. Stoney Edwards: Mississippi You're on My Mind (Capitol) {1}: YW_r:50
  9. Loney Hutchins: Buried Loot: Demos From the House of Cash and Outlaw Era, '73-'78 (Appalachia -21) {1}: H:*
  10. American Railroad (Renew/BMG) {1}: H:*