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After I ran into problems with my old blog software package (serendipity), I implemented what I called a "faux blog" using flat files. The old, crippled blog vanished when my long-time ISP ( went out of business, but nearly all of the old posts (plus other notes) were preserved in my on-line notebook.

For general browsing, start with the ancient Ocston home page (I really need to rewrite that one; "news" ends in 2004, and the 9,000 albums advertised in the "rudimentary music database" have grown to 30,000), or go here for music links (much more recent).

My first web pages were set up on a server provided by my employer at the time, SCO. In an attempt to disown their employees, they called this server ocston. When we parted company, I copied my files to a ocston directory on my new server, intending to eventually rebuild everything. That never happened, so the structure survives, with another 18+ years of growth.

I moved the website to a dedicated server I had been leasing in March, 2018. That dedicated server croaked in August, 2018, so this is a new one. Moving all this code from server to server over many years causes various things to break (especially since the geniuses behind PHP never grasped the importance of preserving interfaces). If you notice any problems, please report them to me (use the contact page to find my email address). Sorry we lost two weeks on the web during this break. And my apologies for whatever's still broken. There are literally thousands of pages and millions of words on this website. Hope you find them interesting, useful, and occasionally amusing.