Metafile: 2011 New Records

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This is boilerplate . . . (or should be).

When I published Metacritic Results on Jan. 16, 2012, I thought I was done with this, but I guess not. I subsequently (Jan. 23) tacked on the Pazz & Jop results, then when I started working on a 2012 metacritic file I started finding things I had missed here.


Some breakdowns by genre:


  1. Gillian Welch: The Harrow and the Harvest (Acony) {80}: MC(87/9), AM:90(*), AS:80(2), BB:91, BG:(4), Bl:90, CMG:80, DS:80, G:100(21), I:100, IS:80, LAT:88, M:(34), MO:100(47), Now:100, NR:90, P:90(39), PM:90(9), Q:(28), RS:70, S:(47), T:100, U:(2), UT:88; TH:**; V[27-42-445]
  2. Pistol Annies: Hell on Wheels (Columbia Nashville) {45}: AS:(8), AV:83, CW:80, EW:(9), G:(36), R:(4), RS:80(29), Sl:80; CE, CM, RC:A(10), TH:A-; V[23-43-499]
  3. Hayes Carll: KMAG YOYO (Lost Highway) {40}: MC(80/12), AC:78, AS:80(6), AV:83, Bl:80, E145:80, EW:83, IS:80, LAT:88, P:88, R:90, RS:70, S:90(32), U:80; CM, YW, RC:B+, MT:B+, TH:A-; V[76-16-153]
  4. Lucinda Williams: Blessed (Lost Highway) {37}: MC(79/24), AM:80, AS:80(13), BB:85, BBC:80, CT:88, E145:80, I:80, IS:80, LAT:100, M:80, NYT:80, P:90, PM:80(69), R:90, RS:70, S:70, T:80, U:80; RC:B+, MT:A, TH:A-; V[125-10-96]
  5. Eric Church: Chief (EMI) {27}: MC(76/5), AM:(*), BG:80, R:(10), RS:70(19), S:(42); CE, RC:A-(47), TH:**; V[97-10-120]
  6. Miranda Lambert: Four the Record (RCA Nashville) {27}: MC(78/12), AM:90(*), AS:90(16), AV:83, BG:80, CW:100, EW:91, RS:(31), S:70; CE, YW, RC:A-(23), TH:***; V[87-13-136]
  7. Glen Campbell: Ghost on the Canvas (Surfdog) {25}: MC(73/12), AS:80, BBC:80, BG:80, Bl:80, Buf:100, CW:80, M:(44), PM:80, RS:70, T:80, U:80, UT:100; TH:C+; V[134-9-90]
  8. Steve Earle: I'll Never Get Out of This World Alive (New West) {22}: MC(77/12), AM:80, AS:80(37), AV:91, BG:90, Bl:80, EW:83, I:80, LAT:88, P:80, RS:70, S:70, T:80, UT:88; MT:*, TH:***; V[328-4-34]
  9. Brad Paisley: This Is Country Music (Arista Nashville) {22}: MC(82/10), AM(*), AS:80, BG:80, CW:80, EW:100(14), G:80, PM:80, R:80, RS:70, S:70, UT:100; YW, RC:A-(52), MT:A-, TH:*; V[133-9-91]
  10. Sarah Jarosz: Follow Me Down (Sugar Hill) {19}: MC(83/7), AC:78, AM:80, AS:80(25), CW:80, IS:80, MF:90, P:87, PM:80, T:80, UT:88; TH:**; V[372-3-30]
  11. Alison Krauss and Union Station: Paper Airplane (Rounder) {19}: MC(81/12), AM, BBC:80, BG:80, Bl:80, I:80, LAT:88, MO:80, P:90, R:100, RS:70, T:80, U:80, UT:100; MT:*, TH:***; V[262-4-44]
  12. Lydia Loveless: Indestructible Machine (Bloodshot) {16}: AbP:87, AM:80, CT:(11), HC:(13), S:80; MT:**, TH:A-; V[134-9-90]
  13. George Strait: Here for a Good Time (MCA Nashville) {15}: CW:80, EW:83, UT:88; TH:***
  14. Vince Gill: Guitar Slinger (MCA Nashville) {14}: MC(80/5), AM:80, CW:80, EW:100, R:(6), UT:88; TH:**; V[1632-1-8]
  15. Emmylou Harris: Hard Bargain (Nonesuch) {14}: MC(72/11), AC:78, AM:80, BB:90, Buf:88, EW:83, P:80, PM:80, UT:100; TH:B; V[677-1-15]
  16. Abigail Washburn: City of Refuge (Foreign Children) {14}: MC(82/16), AM:80, AC:89, AS:80(48), BBC:90, BG:100, EW:83, M:80, P:87, PM:90; V[408-3-28]
  17. Merle Haggard: Working in Tennessee (Vanguard) {13}: AS:80, EW:91, F:86, RS:70; CE, RC:A-(25), TH:A-; V[623-2-19]
  18. Sunny Sweeney: Concrete (Republic Nashville) {13}: AS:80, AV:83, S:70, Sl:80; CE, TH:*; V[336-3-32]
  19. William Elliott Whitmore: Field Songs (Anti-) {11}: MC(82/4), AM:90, AP:80, Pf:75, PM:80, Px:80, U:80; JG, TH:A-; V[486-2-24]
  20. Wanda Jackson: The Party Ain't Over (Nonesuch) {10}: MC(67/18), BBC:80, CS:80, F:81, NME:80, R:90, RS:70, S:70; FB, MT:C+, TH:B-; V[283-6-40]
  21. Shelby Lynne: Revelation Road (Everso) {10}: MC(77/10), AS:80, BG:80, Bl:80, PM:80, U:80, UT:88; TH:*; V[184-7-64]
  22. Laura Cantrell: Kitty Wells Dresses: Songs of the Queen of Country Music (Spit and Polish) {9}: MC(76/8), AM:80, BBC:80, BG:80, Bl:80, Du:80, U:80; TH:***; V[802-1-14]
  23. KD Lang: Sing It Loud (Nonesuch) {9}: MC(78/4), AM:80, Buf:88, G:80, LAT:88, MO:80, Now:80, UT:88; V[1734-1-5]
  24. Amy LaVere: Stranger Me (Archer) {9}: Bl:80, CS:80, P:89, PM:80, S:80; CM, RC:***, TH:**; V[1571-2-10]
  25. Ashton Shepherd: Where Country Grows (MCA Nashville) {9}: MC(74/4), AM:(*), BG:80, EW:91, RS:80; MT:B-, TH:B-; V[1583-1-9]
  26. Chris Thile/Michael Davis: Sleep With One Eye Open (Nonesuch) {9}: Buf:100, RS:70, T:80; V[440-2-25]
  27. The Advisory Circle: As the Crow Flies (Ghost Box) {8}: W:(33); V[542-2-20]
  28. Ha Ha Tonka: Death of a Decade (Bloodshot) {8}: MC(70/6), AC:78, Bl:80, PM:80, R:90; V[461-3-25]
  29. Eilen Jewell: Queen of the Minor Key (Signature Sounds) {8}: AM:80, Bl:80, PM:80; YW, TH:**; V[902-1-10]
  30. Chris Young: Neon (RCA Nashville) {8}: MC(79/4), AM:80, CW:80, E145:80, R:(10); TH:*
  31. Guy Clark: Songs and Stories (Dualtone) {7}: MC(80/8), AC:78, Bl:80, CW:80, PM:80, T:80; TH:*
  32. Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside: Dirty Radio (Partisan) {7}: P:82; RC:**, TH:*
  33. Toby Keith: Clancy's Tavern (Universal) {7}: MC(81/4), AM:90, BB:86, EW:83, UT:88; CE, TH:*
  34. Lady Antebellum: Own the Night (Capitol) {7}: MC(60/7), CW:80
  35. Buddy Miller: The Majestic Silver Strings (New West) {7}: MC(70/10), AM:80, AS:80, I:80, IS:80, S:80; MT:**, TH:*; V[677-1-15]
  36. Dolly Parton: Better Day (Dolly) {7}: MC(82/6), AM:80, EW:91, LAT:88, NYT:80; TH:B
  37. Preservation Hall Jazz Band and the Dell McCoury Band: American Legacies (McCoury Music) {7}: Bl:80, E145:100, PM:80(18); TH:***; V[651-2-17]
  38. Marcia Ball: Roadside Attractions (Alligator) {6}: AM:80, Bl:80, PM:80; TH:***; V[1583-1-9]
  39. Blackie and the Rodeo Kings: Kings and Queens (FU:M) {6}: AM:80, AS:80, Bl:80, PM:80; TH:B-
  40. Jeff Bridges: Jeff Bridges (Blue Note) {6}: MC(70/9), DS:80, EW:83, Gw:80, MO:80; TH:B
  41. Jonny Corndawg: Down the Bikini Line (Nasty Memories, EP) {6}: AS:(43), CS:80; RC:***, TH:**
  42. Honeyhoney: Billy Jack (Lost Highway) {6}: AM:90, AS:(33); TH:**
  43. Martina McBride: Eleven (Republic) {6}: MC(81/5), AM:80, BB:80, CW:80; RC:*, TH:*
  44. Blake Shelton: Red River Blue (Warner Bros) {6}: MC(72/6), BG:80, CW:80; RC:**, TH:B
  45. Connie Smith: Long Line of Heartaches (Sugar Hill) {6}: MT:*, TH:A-; V[623-2-19]
  46. Hank Williams III: Ghost to a Ghost/Gutter Town (Megaforce/Hank3, 2CD) {6}: AM:80, RS:70, Sl:90(20); TH:**; V[902-1-10]
  47. Robert Ellis: Photographs (New West) {5}: AS:(31), S:70; TH:*; V[436-1-25]
  48. Sierra Hull: Daybreak (Rounder) {5}: MC(77/4), AM:80, CW:80; TH:***; V[902-1-10]
  49. David Nail: The Sound of a Million Dreams (MCA Nashville) {5}: MC(79/5), CW:80, EW:83, UT:88; CE, TH:B
  50. Steel Magnolia: Steel Magnolia (Big Machine) {5}: MC(68/6), BG:80, CW:80, R:80; CE; V[1734-1-5]
  51. Scott H Biram: Bad Ingredients (Bloodshot) {4}: AC:89, PM:80; TH:***; V[307-2-35]
  52. Luke Bryan: Tailgates and Tanlines (Capitol Nashville) {4}: MC(73/4), AS:80, EW:83, UT:88; TH:B
  53. Ronnie Dunn: Ronnie Dunn (Arista Nashville) {4}: MC(65/5), AS:80, NYT:80, PM:80, R:80
  54. Jimmie Dale Gilmore and the Wronglers: Heirloom Music (Neanderthal) {4}: G:80, T:80; MT:**, TH:A; V[902-1-10]
  55. Will Hoge: Number Seven (Rykodisc) {4}: AbP:80, R:(9)
  56. Zoe Muth and the Lost High Rollers: Starlight Hotel (Signature Sounds) {4}: R:80; TH:***; V[902-1-10]
  57. Willie Nelson and Wynton Marsalis: Here We Go Again: Celebrating the Genius of Ray Charles (Blue Note) {4}: MC(68/5); DB, MT:***, TH:**
  58. Eli Young Band: Life at Best () {4}: CW:80, R:(8)
  59. Frankie Ballard: Frankie Ballard (Warner Bros) {3}: BB:88, CW:80, R:80
  60. Danny Barnes: Rocket (ATO/Red) {3}: AC:78, AM:80; TH:B; V[902-1-10]
  61. Marshall Chapman: Big Lonesome (Tall Girl -10) {3}: CW:80, P:88; TH:**
  62. Girls Guns and Glory: Sweet Nothings (Lonesome Day) {3}: TH:*
  63. Hunter Hayes: Hunter Hayes (Atlantic) {3}: R:(7)
  64. Diana Jones: High Atmosphere (Proper) {3}: G:80, PM:80
  65. Robert Earl Keen Jr: Ready for Confetti (Lost Highway) {3}: AM:80, Bl:80; TH:**
  66. Levi Lowrey: I Confess I Was a Fool (Southern Ground) {3}: R:(3)
  67. Randy Montana: Randy Montana (Mercury Nashville) {3}: AS:80; CE, TH:*; V[850-1-12]
  68. Ponderosa: Moonlight Revival (New West) {3}: AM
  69. LeAnn Rimes: Lady and Gentlemen (Curb) {3}: MC(75/5), UT:88
  70. Carrie Rodriguez and Ben Kyle: We Still Love Our Country (Ninth Street Opus) {3}: AS:80, R:80, T:80
  71. Andy Statman: Old Brooklyn (Shefa, 2CD) {3}: Buf:100; V[372-3-30]
  72. Sunny Sweeney: Sunny Sweeney EP (, EP) {3}: CW:80, E145:80, R:90
  73. Taylor Swift: Speak Now World Tour Live (Big Machine) {3}: Spk:80
  74. Randy Travis: 25 Anniversary Celebration (Warner Bros) {3}: R:80, UT:88
  75. Gene Watson/Rhonda Vincent: Your Money and My Good Looks () {3}:
  76. Trace Adkins: Proud to Be Here (Show Dog Universal) {2}: MC(79/4), BG:80, CW:80; TH:B
  77. Lauren Alaina: Wildflower (Mercury Nashville) {2}: MC(72/4), NYT:80; CE
  78. Sherrie Austin: Circus Girl () {2}:
  79. Rory Block: Shake 'Em on Down: A Tribute to Mississippi Fred McDowell (Stony Plain) {2}: TH:**
  80. Blue Highway: Sounds of Home (Rounder) {2}:
  81. Terri Clark: Roots and Wings (Baretrack) {2}: AM:90
  82. Coldwater Jane: Marionette (Mercury Nashville) {2}: R:(5)
  83. Elise Davis: Cheap Date (self-released) {2}: R:100; TH:*
  84. Brigitte DeMeyer: Rose of Jericho (BDM Music) {2}: PM:80; TH:***
  85. Andy Friedman: Laserbeams and Dreams () {2}: R:80
  86. Ruth Gerson: Deceived (Wrong) {2}: RC:***, TH:**; V[1734-1-5]
  87. The Gibson Brothers: Help My Brother (Compass) {2}: E145:80
  88. The Greencards: The Brick Album (Darling Street) {2}: AS:80, R:90
  89. Justin Haigh: People Like Me (Apache Ranch) {2}: R:100
  90. Jim Lauderdale: Reason and Rhyme (Sugar Hill) {2}: AS:80
  91. Robyn Ludwick: Out of These Blues (Late Show) {2}: AC:78, R:90
  92. Nick 13: Nick 13 (Sugar Hill) {2}: R:100; V[902-1-10]
  93. Rod Picott: Welding Burns (self-released) {2}: RC:**, TH:***; V[505-2-21]
  94. Ralph Stanley: A Mother's Prayer (Rebel) {2}: AS:80, R:80; V[341-3-31]
  95. Thompson Square: Thompson Square (Stoney Creek) {2}: R:80; CE, TH:C-
  96. The Waifs: Temptation (Compass) {2}: R:100
  97. Watermelon Slim and Super Chikan: Okiesippi Blues (Northern Blues) {2}: PM:80; TH:***
  98. The Band Perry: The Band Perry (Universal Republic -10) {1}: CE
  99. Mandy Barnett: Sweet Dreams () {1}: CW:80
  100. Barnstar!: C'Mon! () {1}: T:80
  101. Eric Bibb: Troubadour Live (Telarc) {1}: G:80
  102. Suzy Bogguss: American Folk Songbook (Loyal Dutchess) {1}: ; V[902-1-10]
  103. David Bromberg: Use Me (Red House) {1}: MC(71/4), BG:80
  104. David Adam Byrnes: Premium Country (Red General Catalog) {1}: R:80
  105. Craig Campbell: Craig Campbell () {1}: R:90
  106. Carter's Chord: Wild Together (Show Dog) {1}: R:80
  107. Michael Cleveland and Flamekeeper: Fired Up (Rounder) {1}:
  108. Larry Cordle: Pud Marcum's Hanging () {1}:
  109. Cumberland Gap Connection: A Whole Lotta Lonesome () {1}:
  110. The Farewell Drifters: Echo Boom (Heart Squeeze) {1}:
  111. Colt Ford: Every Chance I Get (Average Joe's) {1}: R:80; TH:B
  112. Teea Goans: The Way I Remember It () {1}: R:90
  113. The Grascals: Dance Til Your Stockings Are Hot and Ravelin' (Time Life) {1}: R:80
  114. Randy Houser: In God's House () {1}: R:100
  115. Joey + Rory: A Farmhouse Christmas () {1}: CW:80
  116. Josh Kelley: Georgia Clay (MCA Nashville) {1}: MC(63/4), R:90
  117. Kentucky Headhunters: Dixie Lullabies (Red Dirt Music) {1}: CE
  118. Pokey LaFarge and the South City Three: Middle of Everywhere (Continental Song City) {1}: TH:**
  119. Sonia Leigh: 1978 December (Southern Ground) {1}: YW
  120. Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers: Rare Bird Alert (Rounder) {1}: MO:80, R:80; V[408-3-28]
  121. Jason McCoy: Everything () {1}: R:80
  122. Scott McCreery: Clear as Day (Interscope) {1}: MC(49/4)
  123. Joe Mullins and the Radio Ramblers: Hymns From the Hills (Rebel) {1}: E145:90
  124. Willie Nelson: Remember Me, Vol 1 (R&J) {1}: TH:*
  125. Joe Nichols: It's All Good (Show Dog) {1}: MC(72/4)
  126. Charlie Parr: When the Devil Goes Blind (Nero's Neptune -10) {1}: TN
  127. Charley Pride: Choices () {1}: R:80
  128. John Rich: For the Kids (Warner Bros) {1}: R:80
  129. Shawna Russell: Shawna Russell (Way Out West) {1}: R:80
  130. Lauren Shera: Once I Was a Bird () {1}: R:80
  131. Charlie Sizemore: Looking for a Home (Rounder) {1}:
  132. Corey Smith: The Broken Record (Average Joe's) {1}: R:100; TH:*
  133. Larry Sparks: Almost Home (Rounder) {1}:
  134. Steve Wariner: Guitar Laboratory () {1}: CW:80
  135. Whiskey Myers: Firewater (Thirty Tigers) {1}: R:80
  136. Reverend John Wilkins: You Can't Hurry God (Big Legal Mess/Fat Possum) {1}: DB
  137. Leona Williams: Grass Roots () {1}:
  138. Brian Wright: House on Fire () {1}: R:100


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