Metafile: 2011 New Records

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This is boilerplate . . . (or should be).

When I published Metacritic Results on Jan. 16, 2012, I thought I was done with this, but I guess not. I subsequently (Jan. 23) tacked on the Pazz & Jop results, then when I started working on a 2012 metacritic file I started finding things I had missed here.


Some breakdowns by genre:


  1. Kanye West/Jay-Z: Watch the Throne (Roc-A-Fella) {179}: MC(75/39), AS:80, AV:91(9), BB:(3), BG:80, Blr:(37), Cl:(32), CMG:81(16), CS:(45), DJB:90, DS:80(42), G:80(37), Gw:(17), HC:90(8), HDX:80(*), MO:(35), NME:(50), Now:80, NR:(43), NYT:80, Ok:(3), Pf:85(21), PM:80(56), PMA:83(17), Px:85(5), Q:(6), RS:70(2), S:(40), Sl:(17), St:80(35), T:100, UT:100, XXL:80(1); CM, JG:(8), YW, MT:A-(3), RC:A-(17), TH:A-; V[3-105-1116]
  2. Shabazz Palaces: Black Up (Sub Pop) {155}: MC(82/34), AbP:91, AM:80(*), AV:100, BBC:80, Bow:85, CMG:88(1), CMJ:80, CS:100(3), F:88, Fly:80(43), G:80(41), HC:(14), LAT:100, M:(36), NME:80, Now:80, NR:90(25), NYT:80, Ok:(11), OTB:91(5), Pf:88(14), Ph:88, PM:80(30), PMA:91(5), Px:95(1), RA:80, RS:70, S:70(20), Sl:80(4), Spk:90(13), St:80, TMT:(13), U:80, XL:85; CE, CM, JG:(3), MT:A-(4), RC:A-(41), TH:**; V[10-72-771]
  3. The Weeknd: House of Balloons (self-released) {152}: MC(88/14), AV:83(6), BB:(7), BBC:80, Blr:(4), CMG:83(10), CS:80(23), DS:80(27), F:(5), Fa:80(1), G:(8), Gw:(43), HC:(5), Now:80, NR:90(24), Ok:89(5), OTB:86(2), Pf:85, Ph:88, PM:90(6), PMA:85, Px:(19), Q:(14), RA:(16), RS:80, S:(13), Sl:(10), Spk:80(12), St:(1), TMT:(27), UR:(59); FB, CM, JG, YW, RC:***, MT:A+, TH:A-; V[13-63-649]
  4. Drake: Take Care (Young Money/Cash Money/Universal Republic) {139}: MC(81/29), AbP:85, AM:80, AV:91(13), BB:(5), BBC:80, BG:80, Blr:80(9), CMG:89(35), CS:80(10), DJB:80, Fa:90(7), G:(19), Gw:80, I:80, NME:80, Now:80, NR:80, NYT:90, P:(48), Pf:86(8), PM:90, PMA:91(19), Px:(10), RR:80, RS:80(22), S:80(22), Sl:90(14), Spk:80, St:80(10), UT:88, VV:90, XXL:80(2); JG, RC:**, TH:B-; V[8-81-899]
  5. The Roots: Undun (Island Def Jam) {121}: MC(86/17), AC:80, AM:90(*), AV:100, BBC:100, Bl:100(13), CS:80, CT:100(2), DJB:90, Du:80, EW:91, G:80, HC:(20), I:100, HDX:100(*), LAT:88, Now:80, Ob:80, Ok:(1), OTB:81, P:84, Ph:88, PM:80, PMA:91(32), RS:70, S:70(44), Spk:80, T:80, UT:88, WB:90(2), XXL:80; DB, JG, YW, RC:B+, TH:**; V[17-60-597]
  6. Frank Ocean: Nostalgia, Ultra (mixtape) {93}: AV:(15), BB:(4), Blr:(23), DS:(31), EW:(6), Fa:(10), G:(3), LAT:80*, M:(49), Ok:(7), Pf:78(35), Q:(49), Qs:(23), RS:(24), S:(41), W:(40); CM, JG:(1), RC:A(4), MT:A(1), TH:A-; V[16-54-611]
  7. Beastie Boys: Hot Sauce Committee Part Two (Capitol) {91}: MC(83/42), AM:90, AP:80, AV:91, BBC:80, BG:80, Bl:90(10), Buf:100, Cl:80(16), CS:80, Dot:90, EW:91, F:88, Fly:80, G:80, Gw:(4), HC:80, HDX:80(*), IS:90, K:80(11), LAT:100, M:80, MO:80, Now:80, Ok:85, NYT:80, Ph:88, PM:90, Q:80(31), RS:80(14), Sl:80, TMT:80, U:80, WB:70; YW, RC:A-(80), MT:B+, TH:***; V[77-17-151]
  8. Beyonce: 4 (Columbia) {77}: MC(73/29), AbP:81*, AM, BB:81, BBC:80(7), BG:80(5), CS:90(13), G:80(4), HDX:80, MO:80, NYT:80, OTB:85(44), P:80, Pf:80(27), PMA:(34), Px:80(48), RS:70(25), S:80(39), TMT:80, VV:80; MT:C+, TH:C; V[26-46-461]
  9. Kendrick Lamar: Section.80 (Top Dawg Entertainment) {71}: MC(84/8), CS:(42), DJB:90, HDX:80(*), Ok:(8), OTB:87(13), Pf:80(45), PM:80, RR:80, S:(43), WB:(9), XXL:80(5); JG, YW, TH:**; V[44-28-255]
  10. Tyler, the Creator: Goblin (XL) {66}: MC(71/15), AV:83, BBC:80, Blr:80(7), EW:91, HDX:80, MO:80, NR:80(48), Ok:80, Pf:80, PM:80, Px:85, RS:70, S:80, Sl:90, Spk:80, St:100(71), Urb:80; MT:C, TH:*; V[98-9-119]
  11. Raphael Saadiq: Stone Rollin' (Columbia) {64}: MC(86/19), AC:89, AM:90(*), AV:91, BBC:80, BG:80(3), CS:80, CT:(7), EW:83(20), I:80, LAT:88, M:80, Now:80, Ok:85, PM:90(17), RS:70(44), S:70, Spk:80, U:(41), UR:80, UT:88; CM, YW, RC:A-(38), MT:A-, TH:A-; V[39-33-307]
  12. ASAP Rocky: LiveLoveASAP (RCA/Polo Grounds Music) {58}: CMG:82(20), CS:80, F:(10), Fa:(14), Ok:88, OTB:85(49), Pf:82, PM:80, Spk:80, XXL:80; CM, JG, TH:***; V[93-16-128]
  13. Big KRIT: ReturnOf4Eva (mixtape) {54}: CMG:84(14), DJB:80, EW:(16), OTB:86(24), Pf:82, PM:90(34), Px:(24), RS:(32), S:80(27), Sl:90; RC:B+, MT:**, TH:***; V[67-19-179]
  14. Danny Brown: XXX (Fool's Gold) {50}: AM:80(*), Blr:(49), CMG:86(6), CS:(39), Fa:90(19), Pf:82(19), Px:(3), RR:80, S:(6), Urb:80; CM, RC:***, TH:***; V[28-43-421]
  15. Clams Casino: Instrumentals (mixtape) {49}: CMG:(38), Fa:90(3), NR:80, Pf:82(17), Px:(45), RA:80, Qs:(36), RA:(7), XL:(15); JG, MT:A-, TH:***; V[61-19-186]
  16. Charles Bradley: No Time for Dreaming (Daptone) {46}: MC(77/12), AM:80, BG:80, Bl:80(8), CMJ:80, M:(40), Now:80, P:84(21), PM:80(45), Px:85, Q:80, RS:(48), S:80; TH:**; V[50-26-236]
  17. Das Racist: Relax (Greedhead Music) {45}: MC(81/4), AV:83, CT:(9), F:84, LAT:88, OTB:85, PMA:83, Px:85(18), RS:70(28), S:80(16), Sl:80(11), Spk:80; JG, YW, MT:(7), RC:A(1), TH:A-; V[48-26-244]
  18. Childish Gambino: Camp (Glassnote) {41}: MC(77/15), AbP:90, AM:80, AP:90, Blr:(27), CS:90(27), DJB:80, I:80, P:91(35), PMA:83, XXL:80; YW, RC:A-, TH:*; V[310-3-35]
  19. Death Grips: Exmilitary (Third Worlds) {35}: CS:80, DS:90, G:80, NME:(41), NR:(38), Pf:75, Qs:(9), St:80, TMT:(22); TH:*; V[165-9-72]
  20. J Cole: Cole World: The Sideline Story (Roc Nation) {33}: MC(75/13), AM:80(*), BG:80, EW:83, HDX:(*), Now:80, RS:70, S:80, XXL:80(4); RC:B+, TH:**; V[176-8-67]
  21. Common: The Dreamer/The Believer (Warner Bros) {33}: MC(73/15), DJB:90, EW:91, HDX:90(*), I:100, Ok:(9), P:81, Pf:76, PMA:83, Px:85, RR:85, UT:88, XXL:80; JG, YW, RC:***, TH:***; V[137-8-89]
  22. The Weeknd: Thursday (self-released) {33}: Blr:80(4), CMG:81, CS:80, Fa:80, Now:80, NR:80, OTB:83, Pf:79, Q:(20), Px:85(19), RA:80, S:70(13), Sl:80, Spk:(20), St:80; MT:B-; V[634-2-18]
  23. Rihanna: Talk That Talk (Def Jam) {32}: MC(65/24); EW:83(18), G:80, Gw:90, MO:80, RS:70, S:80, T:80; RC:A-(81), TH:**; V[192-7-61]
  24. Saigon: The Greatest Story Never Told (Suburban Noize) {32}: MC(89/13), AM:80, AbP:80*, AV:100(22), DJB:80, HDX:80(*), Ok:91, Ph:100, RR:90, S:80, VV:80; RC:A-(56), TH:**; V[141-8-85]
  25. Pharoahe Monch: WAR (We Are Renegades) (Duck Down Music) {29}: MC(86/4), CMJ:80, DJB:80, HDX:80(*), Ok:92, Ph:100, S:70, Sl:90, WB:70; RC:*, TH:**
  26. Ghostpoet: Peanut Butter Blues and Melancholy Jam (Brownswood) {28}: MC(78/7), BBC:90, CMJ:80, MO:(25), PM:80, Px:80(31), Urb:90, WB:80; TH:***; V[344-1-30]
  27. Thundercat: The Golden Age of Apocalypse (Brainfeeder) {28}: MC(71/14), AM:80, BBC:80, Bl:90, CS:90(22), MO:80, NR:80, Ok:83, Pf:80, Ph:100, Qs:90, S:70, Urb:100, W:(23); FB; V[270-5-41]
  28. Phonte: Charity Starts at Home (Foreign Exchange Music) {24}: MC(91/5), AV:91, HDX:90(*), Ok:88, WB:(7), XXL:80; TH:***; V[461-3-25]
  29. Jill Scott: The Light of the Sun (Blues Babe/Warner Bros) {24}: MC(74/12), AM:80, BG:80, EW:83, G:80, Now:80, NYT:80, Ok:(6), P:90; CM, JG, YW, RC:A-(87), MT:A-, TH:A-; V[246-7-47]
  30. DJ Quik: The Book of David (Mad Science) {23}: MC(80/5), AM:80(*), OTB:83, Pf:84(29), PM:(38), RR:85, S:70; CM, TH:**; V[92-16-129]
  31. Action Bronson: Dr Lecter (Fine Fabric Delegates) {19}: HDX:(*), Ok:91, OTB:85, Pf:81; RC:B+, MT:A-; V[199-5-58]
  32. Bad Meets Evil: Hell: The Sequel (Interscope) {19}: MC(71/11), AV:83, DJB:80, EW:83, HDX:80, XXL:80; MT:B-, TH:**; V[1734-1-5]
  33. Lupe Fiasco: Lasers (Atlantic) {19}: MC(59/21), CS:80, EW:91, Now:80, Ok:82, RS:70; YW, RC:*, MT:A-, TH:A-; V[244-6-47]
  34. Raekwon: Shaolin vs Wu-Tang (Ice H2O) {19}: MC(67/6), CS:80, DJB:80, EW:83, HDX:(*), LAT:88, NR:80, OTB:82, Pf:79, RS:70, Spk:80; V[737-2-15]
  35. The Cool Kids: When Fish Ride Bicycles (Green Label Sounds) {17}: MC(80/7), AM:80, CMJ:80, CS:80, Ok:81, OTB:80, PM:80, RR:80, RS:70, S:80, Urb:80, XXL:80; TH:**
  36. CunninLynguists: Oneirology (QN5 Music) {17}: HDX:(*), Ok:95, PM:90, RR:85, Spk:90, Urb:90, WB:(6); TH:A-
  37. Evidence: Cats and Dogs (Rhymesayers Entertainment) {17}: MC(84/4), AM:80, DJB:80, HDX:(*), Ok:80, OTB:88, Ph:100, PM:80, Urb:80; TH:**
  38. G-Side: The One . . . Cohesive (Slow Motion Soundz) {17}: AC:78, CMG:81(24), HDX:80, Pf:81, S:(8), Spk:90(36); CM, TH:***; V[207-4-55]
  39. Random Axe: Random Axe (Duck Down Music) {17}: MC(82/7), AM:80, DJB:80, HDX:80(*), Ph:88, PM:80, RS:70, Urb:80, XXL:80; TH:**; V[514-3-21]
  40. The Weeknd: Echoes of Silence (mixtape) {17}: AV:83, Blr:80, CMG:76, CS:80, Fa:80, G:80, Now:80, NR:90, OTB:85, Pf:81, PMA:100, RS:70, S:80, Spk:100; JG:X
  41. Killer Mike: Pl3dge (SMC) {16}: MC(80/10), AM:80, DJB:80, HDX:80(*), Ok:85, Pf:80, RR:85, S:70, XXL:80; TH:***; V[330-5-34]
  42. Currensy: Weekend at Burnie's (Warner Bros) {15}: MC(80/5), CMG:84(22), HDX:(*), OTB:90(33), Pf:80, S:70, XXL:80; V[737-2-15]
  43. Anthony Hamilton: Back to Love (RCA) {15}: MC(85/5), AM:80, AV:91, BG:80, EW:91, NYT:80, Ok:88, RS:70, S:80, UT:88; TH:***; V[123-12-99]
  44. Booker T Jones: The Road From Memphis (Epitaph) {15}: MC(75/6), AM, BG:80, Bl:80, CS:80, M:(42), PM:80, T:80; DB; V[372-3-30]
  45. Talib Kweli: Gutter Rainbows (Duck Down Music) {15}: MC(72), AbP:86, Cl:80, CMJ:80, DJB:80, Ok:87, OTB:81, RR:85, S:70, UR:80, UT:88; TH:**
  46. Lil Wayne: Tha Carter IV (Universal Motown/Cash Money) {15}: MC(62/23), AM:80, BBC:80, RR:80, RS:70, UT:88, XXL:80(7); MT:**, TH:*; V[316-4-35]
  47. Main Attrakionz: 808s and Dark Grapes II (Mishka) {15}: CMG:85(3), Fa:(33), Pf:75; TH:**; V[177-5-66]
  48. Big Sean: Finally Famous (GOOD Music/Island Def Jam) {14}: MC(71/12), AM:80, DJB:80, EW:83, HDX:80, Ok:80, RS:70, VV:80, XXL:80(6)
  49. The Game: The RED Album (DGC) {14}: MC(71/9), AM:80, DJB:80, HDX:80(*), LAT:88, RR:80; TH:B; V[651-2-17]
  50. Wiz Khalifa: Rolling Papers (Atlantic) {14}: MC(64/10), BBC:80, CS:80, EW:83, Ok:83, XXL:(8); TH:*; V[1734-1-5]
  51. Wale: Ambition (Warner Bros) {14}: MC(67/8), AM:80, HDX:80(*), UT:88, XXL:80(9); V[1734-1-5]
  52. 13 and God: Own Your Ghost (Anticon) {13}: MC(77/6), Bow:75, CMG:83(42), CMJ:80, F:81, MO:80, S:70, U:80, Urb:90; TH:**; V[1734-1-5]
  53. Atmosphere: The Family Sign (Rhymesayers Entertainment) {13}: MC(71/9), AP:80, AV:83, Bl:80, DS:80, HDX:80, Ok:87, XXL:80; RC:***, MT:X, TH:***; V[1571-2-10]
  54. Elzhi: Elmatic (mixtape) {13}: Qs:(38), XXL:80; TH:A-; V[737-2-15]
  55. MellowHype: BlackenedWhite (Fat Possum) {13}: MC(73/8), AM, AbP:82, Blr:80, CMG:80, Ok:93, Pf:80, Px:80, S:80, Sl:80; TH:*; V[1734-1-5]
  56. Roots Manuva: 4everevolution (Banana Klan/Big Dada) {13}: MC(75/17), AM:80, BBC:90, Cl:80, DS:80, G:80, Gw:80, HDX:80, I:80, M:80, Ob:80, Q:80, RR:80; TH:B
  57. Tech N9ne: All 6's and 7's (Strange Music) {13}: MC(81/6), AM:80, DJB:80, HDX:80(*), RR:80, S:70, XXL:80; TH:B-; V[737-2-15]
  58. Dels: Gob (Big Dada) {12}: MC(80/8), BBC:80, Bl:80, DS:80, G:80, M:80, Q:80, S:70, U:80; TH:**
  59. Serengeti: Family and Friends (Anticon) {12}: MC(78/8), Bl:80, PM:80, RS:70, S:80, Urb:100; RC:A-(72), TH:A-; V[199-5-58]
  60. Betty Wright/The Roots: Betty Wright: The Movie (S-Curve) {12}: MC(78/4), BG:80, EW:91, Ok:(10); TH:**; V[291-4-38]
  61. Yelawolf: Radioactive (Interscope) {12}: MC(69/8), AM:80, DJB:80, S:70, XL:80, XXL:(10); TH:*; V[461-3-25]
  62. 9th Wonder: The Wonder Years (Traffic Entertainment) {11}: MC(88/7), AM:80, BBC:80, HDX:80, K:100, XXL:80; JG, TH:A-
  63. Mary J Blige: My Life II . . . The Journey Continues (Act 1) (Geffen) {11}: MC(68/7), HDX:80, MO:80, RS:70, S:70, T:80; TH:*; V[262-4-44]
  64. Currensy: Covert Coup (Warner Bros) {11}: CMG:80, OTB:80, Pf:79, RS:70, XXL:80; V[502-3-22]
  65. Freddie Gibbs: Cold Day in Hell (LRG) {11}: AV:83, CS:80, Pf:82, XXL:80; V[902-1-10]
  66. Lloyd: King of Hearts (Interscope) {11}: MC(82/5), AM:90, AV:83, BB:84, DJB:80, NYT:80, Pf:79, RS:70, VV:80; TH:B-; V[542-2-20]
  67. Pusha T: Fear of God II: Let Us Pray (Decon) {11}: MC(71/10), AM:80, Ok:86, XXL:80; RC:A-(97), MT:B+, TH:**; V[677-1-15]
  68. Spank Rock: Everything Is Boring and Everyone Is a F---ing Liar (Bad Blood) {11}: MC(65/6), AM:80, F:80, MO:80, RS:70, S:70; TH:***; V[440-2-25]
  69. Tinie Tempah: Disc-Overy (Capitol) {11}: MC(72/14), AM:80, Cl:80, G:80, NME:80, RR:80, RS:70, T:80; RC:*, MT:**, TH:***
  70. Young Jeezy: TM:103 Hustlerz Ambition (Def Jam) {11}: MC(72/9), DJB:80, HDX:80, PM:80, RS:70, S:70, XXL:80; V[844-2-13]
  71. Chris Brown: FAME (Jive) {10}: MC(55/13), BB:80, EW:83; TH:B
  72. Lil B: I'm Gay (I'm Happy) (BasedWorld) {10}: MC(75), Pf:81, TMT:(30); MT:*, TH:**; V[190-7-62]
  73. Wiley: 100% Publishing (Big Dada) {10}: MC(71/14), BBC:80, Cl:80, G:80, MO:80, Ok:80, Pf:75, S:70; MT:**, TH:**
  74. Clams Casino: Rainforest (Tri Angle, EP) {9}: MC(83/4), OTB:82, Pf:82, XL:85; V[1583-1-9]
  75. Mr Muthafuckin' eXquire: Lost in Translation (Mishka) {9}: Pf:79; JG, TH:***; V[1632-1-8]
  76. Maybach Music Group: Self Made Vol 1 (Warner Bros) {9}: MC(66/6), RS:70, XXL:(3)
  77. Terius Nash: 1977 (Radio Killa) {9}: Pf:79; MT:C; V[260-7-45]
  78. Plan B: The Defamation of Strickland Banks (679/Atlantic) {9}: MC(74/15), AM:80, BBC:80, Dot:80, IS:80, Ok:85, PM:80, Q:80, S:80, T:80, MT:X, TH:B
  79. Schoolboy Q: Setbacks (Top Dawg) {9}: AM:80; TH:**; V[1734-1-5]
  80. Marsha Ambrosius: Late Night and Early Mornings (J) {8}: AM:80(*), DJB:90, Ok:93, UT:88; TH:B-; V[248-5-46]
  81. Astronautalis: This Is Our Science (Fake Four) {8}: AC:78, AP:80, CS:100(48), Ok:82; JG, TH:*; V[542-2-20]
  82. Black Milk/Danny Brown: Black and Brown (Fat Beats, EP) {8}: HDX:(*), S:70; TH:**
  83. Doomtree: No Kings (Doomtree) {8}: AV:91, CS:80, Ok:85, Pf:79; TH:*; V[331-3-33]
  84. Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings: Soul Time! (Daptone) {8}: MC(90/5), BBC:90, G:80, I:100, MO:80, PM:80, U:80; V[902-1-10]
  85. J-Rocc: Some Cold Rock Stuf (Stones Throw) {8}: AM:80, S:80, WB:90; JG, YW, TH:**; V[542-2-20]
  86. SMOD: SMOD (Nacional) {8}: MC(76/7), AM:80, G:80, I:80, RS:70, U:80; TH:***; V[802-1-14]
  87. Blueprint: Adventures in Counter-Culture (Rhymesayers Entertainment) {7}: HDX:80, Ok:85; MT:**, TH:**
  88. Vanessa Carlton: Rabbits on the Run (Razor and Tie) {7}: MC(68/5), EW:83, PM:80; V[440-2-25]
  89. Cities Aviv: Digital Lows (Fat Sandwich) {7}: Pf:75; CM, MT:X; V[276-4-40]
  90. Bootsy Collins: Tha Funk Capital of the World (Megaforce) {7}: MC(69/7), AM, BBC:80, Bl:80, G:80, IS:80; MT:**, TH:A-; V[902-1-10]
  91. Del the Funky Homosapien: Golden Era (The Council) {7}: MC(79/7), AM:80, Bl:80, Du:90, HDX:80, Ok:89; RC:***, TH:***
  92. Goapele: Break of Dawn (Skyblaze/Decon) {7}: AM:80, Ok:90
  93. Jennifer Hudson: I Remember Me (Arista) {7}: MC(75/9), AM:90, BB:90, EW:83, UT:88
  94. Oddisee: Rock Creek Park (Mello Music Group) {7}: F:84, HDX:80, Ok:85; TH:B
  95. Kelly Rowland: Here I Am (Motown) {7}: MC(68/7), AM:80, G:80; V[902-1-10]
  96. Stalley: Lincoln Way Nights: Intelligent Trunk Music (Mishka) {7}: AC:78, Ok:85; TH:**
  97. Blu: No York (Sound Is Color) {6}: PM:90, WB:70(10); JG:*, TH:A-
  98. Juicy J/Lex Luger: Rubba Band Business (self-released) {6}: Fa:(48); V[440-2-25]
  99. Ledisi: Pieces of Me (Verve Forecast) {6}: MC(78/5), BG:80, NYT:80, UT:88; TH:*; V[666-2-16]
  100. Murs: Love and Rockets Vol 1: The Transformation () {6}: DJB:80, HDX:80, XL:80; RC:**, TH:*
  101. Nine 11 Thesaurus: Ground Zero Generals (The Social Registry) {6}: S:70; RC:A-(94), MT:(5), TH:***; V[902-1-10]
  102. Spaceghostpurrp: Blvcklvnd Rvdix 66.6 (1991) (mixtape) {6}: ; V[634-2-18]
  103. Apathy: Honkey Kong (Demigodz) {5}: HDX:80, Ph:88, RR:85, XXL:80
  104. Blitz the Ambassador: Native Sun (Embassy MVMT) {5}: Ok:85, PM:80, WB:80(8); V[542-2-20]
  105. DaVinci: Feast or Famine (SWTBRDS, EP) {5}: Pf:80; JG, TH:***; V[1734-1-5]
  106. Dessa: Castor, the Twin (Doomtree) {5}: NR:80; MT:B+, TH:***; V[902-1-10]
  107. Escort: Escort (Tirk) {5}: AM:90, Pf:77, S:80; V[336-3-32]
  108. Grieves: Together/Apart (Rhymesayers Entertainment) {5}: MC(72/7), Ok:83, S:70, Urb:80; TH:**
  109. G-Side: Island (Slow Motion Soundz) {5}: AV:83, Pf:79; TH:A-; V[517-1-20]
  110. Hail Mary Mallon: Are You Gonna Eat That? (Rhymesayers Entertainment) {5}: MC(78/4), AbP:81, Ok:88, S:70, WB:90; TH:A-; V[902-1-10]
  111. Lalah Hathaway: Where It All Begins (Stax/Concord) {5}: AM:80; TH:B-; V[1583-1-9]
  112. LMFAO: Sorry for Party Rocking (Interscope) {5}: MC(51/5); TH:B; V[902-1-10]
  113. Theophilus London: Timez Are Weird These Days (Reprise) {5}: MC(72/6), AbP:93*, EW:83; TH:B; V[1632-1-8]
  114. Roc Marciano/The Alchemist/Oh No (Gangrene): Greneberg (Decon, EP) {5}: HDX:(*), Ok:87, Urb:80; V[902-1-10]
  115. Mac Miller: Blue Slide Park (Rostrum) {5}: MC(72/7), AM:80, DJB:80; TH:***
  116. Pac Div: The Div (RBC) {5}: HDX:80(*), Px:75
  117. Reks: Rhythmatic Eternal King Supreme (Brick) {5}: HDX:80(*), Urb:80; V[902-1-10]
  118. Scroobius Pip: Distraction Pieces (Speech Development) {5}: St:80; JG, RC:***, TH:A-
  119. Sims: Bad Time Zoo (Doomtree) {5}: MC(79/4), AbP:93, AC:78, AP:80, Ok:88; TH:***
  120. Adrian Younge Presents Venice Dawn: Something About April (Wax Poetics) {5}: AM:90(*), Ok:84; V[902-1-10]
  121. Action Bronson/Statik Selektah: Well Done (DCide) {4}: Ok:92, XXL:80
  122. Blaqstarr: Divine EP (NEET/Interscope, EP) {4}: S:80; RC:A(7), TH:A-; V[1632-1-8]
  123. Buck 65: 20 Odd Years (WEA Canada) {4}: Urb:80; RC:A-(63), MT:A-, TH:A-
  124. Classified: Handshakes and Middle Fingers (Half Life) {4}: AbP:88, Ok:85, Ph:88
  125. Gunplay: Inglorious Bastard (The Prelude to Valkyrie) (Mayback) {4}: Pf:78; V[542-2-20]
  126. Kindred the Family Soul: Love Has No Recession (Shanachie) {4}: Ok:91, UT:88; CE; V[737-2-15]
  127. Nikki Jean: Pennies in a Jar (S-Curve) {4}: AM:80, BB:80; MT:B, TH:B; V[850-1-12]
  128. Open Mike Eagle: Rappers Will Die of Natural Causes (Hellfyre Club/Alpha Pup) {4}: Ok:84, Ph:100, WB:80; V[902-1-10]
  129. Rahsaan Patterson: Bleuphoria (Artistry) {4}: AM:80; V[517-1-20]
  130. Royce da 5'9": Success Is Certain (Gracie) {4}: MC(82/4), AM:80, HDX:80, RR:80, XXL:80
  131. Thurz: LA Riot (London Live) {4}: DJB:80, HDX:80(*); V[902-1-10]
  132. Torae: For the Record () {4}: DJB:80, HDX:80, Ok:87
  133. 2 Chainz: TRU REALigion (mixtape) {3}: XXL:80
  134. Alias: Fever Dream (Anticon) {3}: MC(76/7), CS:80, TMT:90; TH:**; V[902-1-10]
  135. Maya Azucena: Cry Love (Half Note) {3}: Ok:85; TH:B-
  136. Blu: Jesus (Nature Sounds) {3}: S:70; V[902-1-10]
  137. Solomon Burke and De Dijk: Hold On Tight (Verve) {3}: MC(71/7), AM:80, BG:80, EW:83
  138. Cam'ron and Vado: Gunz n' Butta (E One) {3}: Pf:76, S:70
  139. Childish Gambino: EP (self-released, EP) {3}: OTB:80; RC:B+; V[357-2-30]
  140. DJ Jazzy Jeff and Ayah: Back for More (mixtape) {3}: Ok:82
  141. Snoop Dogg: Doggumentary (Doggystyle) {3}: MC(56/10), BBC:80
  142. The Doppelgangaz: Lone Sharks (Groggy Pack Entertainment) {3}: RR:80, WB:(5); V[902-1-10]
  143. Willie Evans Jr: Introducin' (High Water Music) {3}: Ok:85, WB:80(4); TH:*
  144. Fiend: Smokin Champagne (Datpiff) {3}:
  145. LWH: The Tape Hiss Hooligan (Green Ovla Undergrounds) {3}: CMG:87(8); V[310-3-35]
  146. Mamas Gun: The Life and Soul (Candelion/Imagem) {3}: PM:80
  147. Mint Condition: 7 (Shanachie) {3}: AM, BB:89, Ok:88; V[1583-1-9]
  148. Mouse on tha Track: Swagga Fresh Freddie (self-released) {3}: Pf:80
  149. Joell Ortiz: Free Agent (E One) {3}: HDX:90(*), S:70
  150. Rapper Big Pooh: Dirty Pretty Things (For Members Only) {3}: Ok:88, XL:80; V[1734-1-5]
  151. J Rawls: The Hip-Hop Affect (Greenstreets Entertainment) {3}: Ok:90, WB:80; TH:**
  152. Pete Rock/Smif N Wessun: Monumental (Duck Down Music) {3}: HDX:80, Ok:86; YW
  153. Saturn Never Sleeps: Yesterday's Machine (SNS) {3}: AM:90; V[408-3-28]
  154. Sole and the Skyrider Band: Hello Cruel World (Fake Four) {3}: MC(66/4), Bl:80; TH:*
  155. Statik Selektah: Population Control (Showoff/Duck Down Music) {3}: DJB:80, Ok:80
  156. Trae Tha Truth: Street King () {3}: XXL:80
  157. Vast Aire: OX 2010: A Street Odyssey (Fat Beats) {3}: MC(68/8), AM:80, Ph:88
  158. Wretch 32: Black and White (Levels/Ministry of Sound) {3}: Gw:80, I:80
  159. XV: Zero Heroes (mixtape) {3}: XXL:80
  160. Ab-Soul: Longterm Mentality (Top Dawg Ent) {2}: ; V[902-1-10]
  161. Awol One and Factor: The Landmark (Fake Four) {2}: RC:**, TH:**
  162. Blu and Exile: Give Me My Flowers While I Can Still Smell Them (self-released) {2}: ; V[677-1-15]
  163. Brotha Lynch Hunt: Coathangastrangla (Strange Music) {2}: HDX:80
  164. Apollo Brown: Clouds (Mello Music Group/Fat Beats) {2}: Ok:88
  165. Childish Gambino: Culdesac (self-released) {2}: RC:A-(71)
  166. Daily Bread [Hasaan Mackey and Apollo Brown]: Daily Bread () {2}: HDX:80
  167. Dark Sister: Swag Hag (Owlhead Collective, EP) {2}:
  168. Dela: Translation Lost (Drink Water Music) {2}: WB:90(1)
  169. The Foreign Exchange: Dear Friends: An Evening at the Foreign Exchange (FE Music) {2}: Px:85
  170. Grimes: Geidi Primes (No Pain in Pop/Arbutus) {2}: CS:80, Pf:75
  171. Heat Wave: I'm Fuckin You Tonight (Deep Tapes/Heat Rave) {2}: RA:80, TMT:80; V[1734-1-5]
  172. Ace Hood: Blood Sweat and Tears (Def Jam) {2}: AM:80
  173. Jazz Spastiks and Junclassic: Mode 7 (Hipnott) {2}: Ok:87; TH:***
  174. Jehst: Falling Down (Low Life) {2}: RR:84
  175. DJ Khaled: We the Best Forever (Motown) {2}: XXL:80
  176. Beverly Knight: Soul UK (Hurricane) {2}:
  177. Kristmas: W2 Boy (Slow Motion Soundz) {2}:
  178. Lil B: The Silent President (self-released) {2}:
  179. Lil Wayne: Sorry 4 the Wait (mixtape) {2}: MC(65/4), XXL:80; MT:*; V[1734-1-5]
  180. Lupe Fiasco: Friend of the People (mixtape) {2}: XXL:80; YW; V[1734-1-5]
  181. Gucci Mane: Ferrari Boyz (Warner Bros) {2}: MC(54/6), NYT:80
  182. Gucci Mane: Writings on the Wall II (Datpiff/1017 Brick Squad) {2}: Pf:79
  183. Roc Marciano/Oh No/Alchemist: Greneberg (, EP) {2}: HDX:80
  184. Miguel: All I Want Is You (Jive) {2}: Ok:88
  185. Odd Future: 12 Odd Future Songs () {2}:
  186. Corinne Bailey Rae: The Love EP (Capitol, EP) {2}: MC(77/6), AM:90, Ok:89
  187. Jay Rock: Follow Me Home (Strange Music) {2}: MC(80/4), EW:83, XXL:80
  188. Shady Blaze: Rappers Ain't $#!% Without a Producer (Green Ova) {2}:
  189. Skyzoo: The Great Debater (mixtape) {2}: DJB:90, XXL:80
  190. Stalley: Lincoln Way Nights (Intelligent Trunk Music) {2}:
  191. Styles P: Master of Ceremonies (Entertainment One) {2}: XXL:80
  192. Swollen Members: Dagger Mouth (Suburban Noize) {2}: HDX:80; TH:A-; V[1734-1-5]
  193. Tech N9ne: Welcome to Strangeland () {2}: HDX:80
  194. Don Trip/Starlito: Step Brothers (Grind Hard/Sittin' Phat) {2}: ; V[302-4-36]
  195. Trouble: December 17th (Duct Tape Ent) {2}:
  196. Viceversah: Shine Not Burn (AR Classic) {2}: Ok:85; TH:A-
  197. Ben Westbeech: There's More to Life Than This (Strictly Rhythm) {2}: Urb:90
  198. Western Tink: Hard to Keel Vol 1 (self-released) {2}:
  199. Paul White: Rapping With Paul White (One-Handed Music) {2}: RA:80, Urb:80
  200. Spree Wilson: The Never Ending Now (self-released) {2}: DJB:80, Ok:84
  201. Wu-Tang Clan: Legendary Weapons (E1) {2}: MC(66/7), RR:85, T:80
  202. Yonas: The Proven Theory (City of Dreams) {2}: DJB:80, Ok:89
  203. 50 Cent: The Big 10 (mixtape) {1}: XXL:80
  204. AKS: The Bus Stop EP (Less Is More, EP) {1}: Ok:89
  205. Analog(ue) Tape Dispenser and Sketch185: New Age Middle Finger () {1}:
  206. ASAP Rocky: Deep Purple () {1}:
  207. Patti Austin: Sound Advice (Shanachie) {1}: TH:B
  208. Lloyd Banks: The Cold Corner 2 (G-Unit) {1}: OTB:80
  209. Jarren Benton Meets SMKA: Huffing Glue With Hasselhoff () {1}: DJB:80
  210. Big KRIT: Last King 2 (God's Machine) {1}: RS:70
  211. Black Rob: Game Tested, Streets Approved (Duck Down) {1}: Ok:81
  212. BoB: EPIC: Every Play Is Crucial (mixtape) {1}: XXL:80
  213. tabi Bonney: Postcard From Abroad () {1}:
  214. Tabi Bonney: The Summer Years () {1}:
  215. Boyz II Men: Twenty (MSM Music) {1}: G:80; V[902-1-10]
  216. Bronze Nazareth: School for the Blindman (iHipHop) {1}: Sl:90
  217. Shirley Brown: Woman to Woman (Stax) {1}: S:70
  218. Cali Swag District: The Kickback (Capitol) {1}: MC(67/4), EW:83
  219. Canibus: C of Tranquility (iM -10) {1}: RC:***
  220. CHIPS: Couch Potato (self-released) {1}:
  221. Cory Gunz: Son of a Gun (mixtape) {1}: XXL:80
  222. Coss: Before I Awoke (Tres) {1}: Ok:89
  223. Currensy: Return to the Winner's Circle (BluRoc) {1}: Ok:81
  224. Currensy: Verde Terrace (self-released) {1}:
  225. CyHi the Prynce: Royal Flush 2 (mixtape) {1}: XXL:80
  226. Dayton Family: Charges of Indictment (Hatchet House) {1}:
  227. Jason Derulo: Future History (Warner Bros) {1}: MC(59/5)
  228. The Dime: Bricky and Cove () {1}: WB:70
  229. DJ JS-1: No One Cares () {1}: HDX:80
  230. DJ Revolution Presents . . . Malcolm and Martin: Life Doesn't Frighten Me () {1}: HDX:80
  231. DJ Sigma: '79 (mixtape) {1}: JG
  232. Dopehead: Plaid Palm Trees (self-released) {1}:
  233. D-Sisive: Jonestown 2: Jimmy Go Bye Bye (Urbnet) {1}: ; V[902-1-10]
  234. Shane Eli: I Can Do Better () {1}: DJB:80
  235. Everlast: Songs of Ungrateful Living (Martyr) {1}: ; V[505-2-21]
  236. Fabolous: Presents the Soul Tape (mixtape) {1}: XXL:80; V[902-1-10]
  237. Fashawn: Higher Learning 2 (mixtape) {1}: CMG:83
  238. Fortilive: I Vs I () {1}: DJB:80
  239. The Funk League: Funky as Usual (Favorite) {1}: Ok:87
  240. Future: Streetz Calling () {1}: XXL:80
  241. Future: True Story (Freebandz) {1}:
  242. Game: Hood Morning (No Typo): Candy Coronas (mixtape) {1}: XXL:80
  243. The Game: Purp and Patron (mixtape) {1}: RS:70; V[902-1-10]
  244. Big Baby Gandhi: Big Fucking Baby (Greedhead) {1}: RC:A-; V[344-1-30]
  245. Gangrene [The Alchemist + Oh No]: Gutter Water () {1}: WB:70
  246. Alexander Green: Kaimbr and Kev Brown () {1}: WB:70
  247. Guns Garcia: Bad Bitches Bomb First (self-released) {1}:
  248. Highlighter: People Under the Stairs (Piecelock 70) {1}:
  249. Nipsey Hussle: The Marathon Continues (mixtape) {1}: XXL:80
  250. Illecism: Cloud Strife (Fly High or Die) {1}: Ok:91
  251. The Insane Warrior: We Are the Doorways (RJ's Electrical Connections) {1}: Ok:85
  252. The Internet: Purple Naked Ladies (Sony Red) {1}: S:70; V[1734-1-5]
  253. Jadakiss: I Love You (A Dedication to My Fans (mixtape) {1}: XXL:80
  254. Jehst: The Return of the Drifter (Low Life) {1}: RR:90
  255. J-Live: SPTA (Triple Threat) {1}: Ok:87; V[440-2-25]
  256. DJ 2-Tone Jones: Shaolin Jazz: The 37th Chamber (self-released) {1}: Ok:88
  257. Jim Jones: Capo (E One) {1}: S:70
  258. Dom Kennedy: From the West Side, With Love II () {1}: XXL:80
  259. Kevlaar 7: Who Got the Camera? (Black Day in July, EP) {1}: Sl:90
  260. Kid Ink: Wheels Up (mixtape) {1}: XXL:80
  261. Killer Mike: Bang x3 (Grindtime Official/Killer Mike) {1}: Ok:83
  262. The Knux: Eraser (Cherrytree/Interscope) {1}: LAT:88; V[1734-1-5]
  263. Kool G Rap: Riches, Royalty, Respect (Fat Beats) {1}:
  264. Kream: Short Days and Long Nights (self-released) {1}: CMG:75
  265. Lateef the Truthspeaker: Firewire (Quannum Projects) {1}: Ok:80
  266. Laws: Yesterday's Future (mixtape) {1}: XXL:80
  267. LEP Bogus Boys: Now or Neva (mixtape) {1}: XXL:80
  268. Lil B: BasedGod Velli (self-released) {1}: Pf:78; V[882-1-11]
  269. Lil B: Bitch Mob Vol 1: Salute to the Bitch (mixtape) {1}: ; V[902-1-10]
  270. Theophilus London: Lovers Holiday (Warner Bros, EP) {1}: AbP:93
  271. Lushlife: No More Golden Days () {1}: ; V[902-1-10]
  272. Machine Gun Kelly: Rage Pack (mixtape) {1}: XXL:80
  273. Glasses Malone: Beach Cruiser () {1}: XXL:80
  274. Gucci Mane and Future: Free Bricks (mixtape) {1}: XXL:80
  275. MarQ Spekt and Kno (Cunninlynguists): Machete Vision () {1}: HDX:80
  276. Terrace Martin: Locke High 2 (mixtape) {1}: XXL:80
  277. Masta Ace Incorporated: Slaughtahouse (Delicious Vinyl) {1}: RR:85
  278. MC Lars: Lars Attacks! (Horris) {1}: RR:80
  279. Meek Mill: Dreamchasers (mixtape) {1}: XXL:80; V[226-5-50]
  280. Mello Music Group: Helpless Dreamer (Mello Music Group) {1}: Ok:86
  281. Mac Miller: I Love Life, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You (mixtape) {1}: XXL:80
  282. Mistah FAB, DJ Rah2K and the Empire: I Found My Backpack () {1}: HDX:80
  283. Mistah FAB: I Found My Backpack 2: The Lost Notebook () {1}: HDX:80
  284. Mobb Deep: Black Cocaine () {1}:
  285. Moke and Tone: Shot Heard Round the World (Mystika Music) {1}: Ok:90
  286. Mondre MAN: Dope Since '91 (Green Ova Underground) {1}: CMG:81
  287. Moon Blazers Katrah-Quey: Candid (Fly Definition Music) {1}: WB:80
  288. Mugo: Organized (Kay Dee) {1}: Ok:80
  289. Georgia Anne Muldrow: Owed to Mama Rickie (ACT Media) {1}: Ok:90
  290. Nappy Roots: Nappy Dot Org (mixtape) {1}: XXL:80
  291. One Be Lo: LABOR (Bandcamp) {1}: RR:80
  292. Outlawz: Perfect Timing () {1}: XXL:80
  293. PremRock and Willie Green: PremRock and Willie Green (Planet PremRock/Isolated Wax) {1}: RR:80
  294. The Primeridian and Tall Black Guy: Are Darling Lure (All Natural) {1}: WB:90
  295. Thomas Prime: Waiting for Tomorrow () {1}: WB:80
  296. Quelle Chris: The SON: A Rap Story (Synergy Works) {1}: Urb:100
  297. Rapid Ric: Whut It Dew (Mixtape Mechanic) {1}: ; V[902-1-10]
  298. Rittz: White Jesus () {1}:
  299. Sir Michael Rocks: Premier Politics (mixtape) {1}: XXL:80
  300. Rick Ross: God Forgives, I Don't (Maybach) {1}:
  301. Asher Roth: Pabst and Jazz (self-released) {1}: S:70
  302. Asher Roth/Nottz: Rawth EP (Raw Koncept, EP) {1}: Ok:81
  303. Ursula Rucker: She Said (Noizeboy/Soulspasm) {1}: Ok:80
  304. Ruthless Rap Assassins: Killer Album (Murdertone/EMI) {1}: RR:85
  305. Self Scientific: Trials of the Blackhearted (mixtape) {1}: XXL:80
  306. Serengeti and Polyphonic: Bells and a Floating World (Anticon) {1}: TH:**
  307. Serge Severe: Back on My Rhymes () {1}: HDX:80
  308. Shinsight Trio: Moonlight Sunrise () {1}: WB:80
  309. Skech185: New Age Middle Finger (ReServed) {1}: Ok:83
  310. Slaine: A World With No Skies 2.0 () {1}: HDX:80
  311. Slaughterhouse: EP (, EP) {1}: HDX:80
  312. Soulja Boy Tell 'Em: Juice (mixtape) {1}: ; V[902-1-10]
  313. K Sparks: Tomorrow Today () {1}: DJB:80
  314. Candi Staton: Who's Hurting Now? () {1}:
  315. Sun Glitters: Everything Could Be Fine (White Label) {1}: RA:80
  316. Sweatshop Union: The Bill Murray EP (URBNET, EP) {1}: RR:80
  317. Swollen Members: Monsters II () {1}: HDX:80
  318. Tenacity: I'm Different (Abolitionists Projects) {1}: Urb:80
  319. TiRon and Ayomari: A Sucker for Pumps (The Cafeteria Line) {1}:
  320. Tity Boi: Codeine Cowboy: A 2 Chainz Collective (DTP) {1}: ; V[902-1-10]
  321. T-Pain: Revolver (RCA) {1}: MC(53/5), EW:83
  322. Trae Tha Truth: Undisputed (mixtape) {1}: XXL:80
  323. Venomous 2000 the Ultra Emcee: A Moment to Reflect II (self-released) {1}: RR:80
  324. Wale: The Eleven One Eleven Theory (mixtape) {1}: XXL:80
  325. Yo Gotti: CM6: The Gangsta of the Year (mixtape) {1}: XXL:80
  326. Young Chris and Cardiak: The Revival (mixtape) {1}: XXL:80
  327. Young Jeezy and DJ Drama: The Real Is Back (mixtape) {1}: XXL:80
  328. Young Jeezy: The Real Is Back 2 (mixtape) {1}: XXL:80
  329. Young L: As I Float: The Great John Nash (mixtape) {1}: XXL:80
  330. Young L: Domo Kun (mixtape) {1}: ; V[902-1-10]
  331. Zero Star: Don't Look Now (Zero Star Music) {1}: RR:80
  332. Z-Ro: Meth () {1}: XXL:80


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