Metafile: 2011 New Records

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This is boilerplate . . . (or should be).

When I published Metacritic Results on Jan. 16, 2012, I thought I was done with this, but I guess not. I subsequently (Jan. 23) tacked on the Pazz & Jop results, then when I started working on a 2012 metacritic file I started finding things I had missed here.


Some breakdowns by genre:


  1. Mastodon: The Hunter (Reprise) {77}: MC(84/17), AbP:80, AM:80, AP:90, AV:83, BBC:80, Bl:80, Blr:80, CS:80, DS:90(40), EW:91(17), G:80, K:(1), MF:(*), NR:90, P:88, Pf:75, PM:(61), Q:(47), Qs:(18), RS:80(38), S:80, Sl:80, Spk:80, TMT:90; DB, FB, TH:B-; V[47-22-244]
  2. Liturgy: Anesthetica (Thrill Jockey) {39}: MC(70/11), AM:80, AV:91, NR:90, OTB:82, Pf:83(41), PM:80, Qs:(50), S:80(26), TMT:90(49); CM; V[88-15-135]
  3. Wolves in the Throne Room: Celestial Lineage (Southern Lord) {36}: MC(89/7), AM:90(*), AV:100, CMG:82(37), DS:80, K:(28), Now:80, OTB:84, Pf:86, Qs:(42), U:80; DB; V[144-9-84]
  4. Opeth: Heritage (Roadrunner) {25}: MC(72/12), AM:80, BBC:80, G:80, K:(86), PM:80, RkS:80, RS:70; CE, FB; V[257-5-45]
  5. Russian Circles: Empros (Sargent House) {24}: MC(87/4), AM:90, AV:91, DS:80, NR:80, Pf:77, Px:80, RkS:90, S:70; FB; V[461-3-25]
  6. Earth: Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light Vol 1 (Southern Lord) {23}: MC(82/11), AM:90, BBC:80, DA:80, DS:80, F:81, Fa:80, G:100, K:80(51), MF:90, NR:100, Pf:79, RkS:80, TMT:80(38), U:80; DB; V[461-3-25]
  7. Krallice: Diotima (Profound Lore) {18}: MC(92/4), AM:100(*), Pf:76, Ph:100, PM:80; DB; V[216-4-53]
  8. Yob: Atma (Profound Lore) {18}: Pf:83, Qs:(28), Rev:80, S:(49); DB, FB; V[174-6-68]
  9. Machine Head: Unto the Locust (Roadrunner) {17}: G:100(43), K:(3), MF:(*), Pf:77, Rev:90; V[461-3-25]
  10. Trap Them: Darker Handcraft (Prosthetic) {17}: MC(75/4), BBC:(22), K:(22), PM:80, Rev:80, RkS:80; FB; V[666-2-16]
  11. Tombs: Path of Totality (Relapse) {14}: AC:89, AM:80, MF:90, Rev:80, RkS:80; V[118-8-102]
  12. 40 Watt Sun: The Inside Room (Metal Blade) {10}: AM:80, PM:(49); FB; V[372-3-30]
  13. Altar of Plagues: Mammal (Profound Lore) {10}: AM:90, K:(67), MF:80, PM:80, St:80; V[850-1-12]
  14. Amon Amarth: Surtur Rising (Metal Blade) {10}: MC(79/4), AM:90, AC:78, K:80, Ph:88, PM:80; V[902-1-10]
  15. Boris: Heavy Rocks (Sargent House) {10}: MC(71/13), AV:83, MO:80, Rev:80, RkS:80, S:70; FB
  16. Hammers of Misfortune: 17th Street (Metal Blade) {10}: AM:80, Pf:80, PM:(46); FB; V[902-1-10]
  17. Anthrax: Worship Music (Megaforce) {9}: MC(77/7), Ph:88, Qs:80, VV:80; V[178-4-65]
  18. Blut Aus Nord: 777: The Desanctification (Debemur Morti) {9}: Pf:82; V[226-5-50]
  19. Blood Ceremony: Living With the Ancients (Rise Above) {8}: K:(47), MF:80(*); CE, FB; V[651-2-17]
  20. Boris: New Album (Sargent House) {8}: AC:78, AV:83, CS:80, Fa:80, Px:80, TMT:80; FB; V[293-5-38]
  21. August Burns Red: Leveler (Solid State) {7}: MC(82/6), AbP:85, AP:80, Blr:80(40), RkS:80, Rev:90
  22. Deafheaven: Roads to Judah (Deathwish) {7}: ; V[902-1-10]
  23. Deep Blue Organ Trio: Wonderful! (Origin) {7}: Origin
  24. Primordial: Redemption at the Puritan's Hand (Metal Blade) {7}: K:(53), MF:80, PM:90; V[505-2-21]
  25. SubRosa: No Help for the Mighty Ones (Profound Lore) {7}: AM:80, PM:80; V[461-3-25]
  26. Times of Grace: Hymn of a Broken Man (Roadrunner) {7}: MC(69/7), AbP:80*, BBC:80, K:(60), PM:80, RkS:80
  27. The Atlas Moth: An Ache for the Distance (Profound Lore) {6}: AM:80, Pf:81; V[270-5-41]
  28. The Black Dahlia Murder: Ritual (Metal Blade) {6}: MC(82/5), AM:80, AP:90, Rev:80, RkS:90; V[1734-1-5]
  29. Black Spiders: Sons of the North (Dark Riders) {6}: K:(59), RkS:80; CE
  30. Cauldron: Burning Fortune (Earache) {6}: AM:90, RS:70; CE, TH:*; V[802-1-14]
  31. Dir En Grey: Dum Spiro Spero (The End) {6}: MC(76/7), AM:80, EW:83, K:80, PM:90, RkS:80
  32. Evile: Five Serpent's Teeth (Echo) {6}: MC(80/5), K:80(34), Q:80, Qs:80, RkS:80
  33. In Solitude: The World. The Flesh. The Devil (Metal Blade) {6}: AM:80, K:(63); V[316-4-35]
  34. Corrupted: Garten der Unbewusstheit (Nostalgia Blackrain) {5}: Spk:(45), W:(16); FB; V[902-1-10]
  35. Gentlemans Pistols: At Her Majesty's Pleasure (Rise Above) {5}: CE, FB; V[634-2-18]
  36. Ghost: Opus Eponymous (Metal Blade/Rise Above) {5}: AC:89; CE; V[199-5-58]
  37. KEN Mode: Venerable (Profound Lore) {5}: AM:80, RkS:80; V[737-2-15]
  38. Obscura: Omnivium (Relapse) {5}: PM:80, Rev:80; V[902-1-10]
  39. Unearth: Darkness in the Light (Metal Blade) {5}: MC(72/4), AP:80, K:(65), PM:80
  40. All Pigs Must Die: God Is War (Southern Lord) {4}: AP:80, Rev:80, RkS:80; V[651-2-17]
  41. Between the Buried and Me: The Parallax: Hypersleep Dialogues (Metal Blade) {4}: Rev:80, RkS:80
  42. Black Tusk: Set the Dial (Relapse) {4}: CE; V[666-2-16]
  43. Disma: Towards the Megalith (Profound Lore) {4}: V[285-4-39]
  44. Elder: Dead Roots Stirring (Meteor City) {4}: CE, FB; V[295-2-37]
  45. Electric Wizard: Black Masses (Metal Blade/Rise Above) {4}: AC:78; CE; V[634-2-18]
  46. The Gates of Slumber: The Wretch (Metal Blade) {4}: CE, FB
  47. Revocation: Chaos of Forms (Relapse) {4}: ; V[902-1-10]
  48. Rwake: Rest (Relapse) {4}: Pf:78; V[902-1-10]
  49. Saviours: Death's Procession (Kemado) {4}: Rev:80; CE; V[1670-1-7]
  50. Turisas: Stand Up and Fight (Century Media) {4}: AM:90, MF:80, Rev:80; V[737-2-15]
  51. Vektor: Outer Isolation (Heavy Artillery) {4}: CE; V[737-2-15]
  52. Absu: Abzu (Candlelight) {3}: ; V[902-1-10]
  53. Craft: Void (Southern Lord) {3}: ; V[406-2-28]
  54. The Devil's Blood: The Thousandfold Epicentre (Van/Metal Blade) {3}: FB; V[1734-1-5]
  55. Graf Orlock: Doombox (Vitriol) {3}: RkS:80; V[902-1-10]
  56. Hell: Human Remains (Nuclear Blast) {3}: K:(43)
  57. Junius: Reports From the Threshold of Death (Prosthetic) {3}: V[276-4-40]
  58. Leviathan: True Traitor, True Whore (Profound Lore) {3}: ; V[902-1-10]
  59. Ulcerate: The Destroyers of All (Willowtip) {3}: ; V[398-3-29]
  60. van Wissem: Jozef (The Joy That Never Ends) {3}:
  61. Weedeater: Jason . . . the Dragon (Southern Lord) {3}: RkS:80
  62. Amorphis: The Beginning of Times (Nuclear Blast) {2}:
  63. Argus: Boldly Stride the Doomed (Cruz Del Sur) {2}: CE
  64. Becoming the Archetype: Celestial Completion (Solid State) {2}:
  65. Destruction: Day of Reckoning (Nuclear Blast) {2}: PM:80
  66. Havok: Time Is Up (Candlelight) {2}:
  67. Imbroglio: Sleep Deprivation (The Path Less Traveled) {2}: AM:80
  68. Insomnium: One for Sorrow (Century Media) {2}: Spk:80
  69. Korpiklaani: Ukon Wacka (Nuclear Blast) {2}: CE
  70. Kultur Shock: Ministry of Kultur (Kultur Shock) {2}: CE
  71. Locrian: The Clearing (Fan Death) {2}: TMT:90; V[1734-1-5]
  72. Loss: Despond (Profound Lore) {2}: Spk:80; V[1734-1-5]
  73. Manilla Road: Palyground of the Damned (Shadow Kingdom) {2}: CE
  74. Hedvig Mollestad Trio: Shoot! (Rune Grammofon) {2}: CE
  75. Morne: Asylum (Profound Lore) {2}: AM:80; V[677-1-15]
  76. Neal Morse: Testimony 2 (Metal Blade) {2}:
  77. Negative Plane: Stained Glass Revelations (Anja Offensive) {2}:
  78. New Keepers of the Water Towers: The Calydonian Hunt (Meteor City) {2}: CE
  79. Premonition 13: 13 (Volcom Entertainment) {2}: CE
  80. Scar Symmetry: The Unseen Empire (Nuclear Blast) {2}: PM:90
  81. Suidakra: Book of Dowth (AFM) {2}: AM:80
  82. Summon the Crows: One More for the Gallows (Southern Lord) {2}: AM:80
  83. Today Is the Day: Pain Is a Warning (Black Market Activities) {2}: Rev:80; V[666-2-16]
  84. Devin Townsend Project: Deconstruction (Inside Out/Century Media) {2}:
  85. Tyr: Lay of Thrym (Napalm) {2}: AM:80
  86. Witch Mountain: South of Salem (Mountastic) {2}: ; V[737-2-15]
  87. Wolf: Legions of Bastards (Century Media) {2}: CE
  88. Batillus: Furnace (Seventh Rule) {1}:
  89. Belphegor: Blood Magick Necromance (Nuclear Blast) {1}:
  90. Blood Stain Child: Epsilon (Coroner) {1}: ; V[440-2-25]
  91. Clan of Xymox: Darkest Hour () {1}:
  92. Dark Castle: Surrender to All Life Beyond Form (Profound Lore) {1}:
  93. Deathheaven: Roads to Judah (Deathwish) {1}:
  94. Devil: Time to Repent (Soulseller) {1}:
  95. Exhumed: All Guts, No Glory (Relapse) {1}: ; V[542-2-20]
  96. Falloch: Where Distant Spirits Remain (Candlelight) {1}: ; V[902-1-10]
  97. Giant Squid: Cenotes () {1}:
  98. ICS Vortex: Storm Seeker () {1}:
  99. Bruce Lamont: Feral Songs for the Epic Decline (At a Loss) {1}:
  100. Mitochondrion: Parasignosis (Profound Lore) {1}:
  101. Morbid Angel: Ilud Divinum Insanus (Season of Mist) {1}: ; V[902-1-10]
  102. Orchid: Capricorn (Doom Dealer) {1}:
  103. Primordial: Redemption at the Puritan's Hand (Metal Blade) {1}:
  104. Primordial: Storm Before Calm (Metal Blade) {1}: MF:80
  105. Taake: Noregs Vaapen (Candlelight) {1}:
  106. Vastum: Carnal Law (20 Buck Spin) {1}:
  107. Vildhjarta: Masstaden (Century Media) {1}: CS:80
  108. Vitchev Quintet: Hristo (The Perperikon Suite) {1}:
  109. Wold: Freermasonry (Profound Lore) {1}: Pf:83
  110. Wolvhammer: The Obsidian Plains (Profound Lore) {1}:
  111. Wood of Ypres: Woods IV: The Green Album () {1}:


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