EOY [Mid-Year] List Aggregate: 2018 New Music: Blues/Gospel/R&B

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Some breakdowns by genre:


  1. Jorja Smith: Lost & Found (FAMM) {39}: ABC:40, Blr:13, Bq:+, C:25, Clr:12, Cos:+, CX:16, DT:+, Fp:88, GC:47, Gf_N:37, LBF:19, PM:40, So:8, V:98(7); am_r:+, cmp:10, dgc:+, ex_s:2, gq:+, hdx_r:9, hhv:+, v_ja:2, vdc:10, vkc:1 -- AM:77, RM:86, TH:**
  2. Lonnie Holley: MITH (Jagjaguwar) {32}: BS:5, G:35, LQ:32, No:27, On:33, P:36, PM:23, PO:+, S:42, SC:20, UpC:89, V:+(5), VF:3; hhv:+, nap:+, nw:+, pm_v:1, sa:+, vjs:10, vzs:4 -- AM:185, RM:75, TH:B
  3. Leon Bridges: Good Thing (Columbia) {29}: Al:33, BB:+, Bq:+, Cl:39, Cpu:6, DJB:14, E_UK:+, Fp:38, G:+, NPR:+, Ps:5, Sb:+, Up:34, V:+(4); am_r:+, ex_s:7, kc:2, mc:+, mms:+, nod:+, v_cw:14 -- TH:*
  4. Maria Muldaur: Don't You Feel My Leg: The Naughty Bawdy Blues of Blue Lu Barker (The Last Music Company) {15}: EWi:15, PO:+, V:+(1); vtk:4, xjdc:30 -- RC:A, TH:A-
  5. Charles Bradley: Black Velvet (Dunham) {11}: AS:8, Bq:+, Fp:45, SR:30, V:+(3); ex_s:5, gl:+, vhh:9
  6. Fantastic Negrito: Please Don't Be Dead (Cooking Vinyl) {11}: Al:9, EWi:45, L:+, V:+(2); am_b:+, ct:11, sdu:9, so:+, tl:8
  7. Shemekia Copeland: America's Child (Alligator) {5}: Cpu:16; am_b:+, nod:+, pm_a:15
  8. Charley Crockett: Lonesome as a Shadow (Son of Davy) {5}: V:+(1); am_c:+, pm_a:17, scm:+, vdf:6
  9. Billy F Gibbons: The Big Bad Blues (Concord) {5}: Trk:18; am:+, am_b:+ -- TH:*
  10. Barrence Whitfield & the Savages: Soul Flowers of Titan (Bloodshot) {5}: V:+(1), YW:65; mj:+, nod:+, vao:7
  11. Sue Foley: The Ice Queen (Stony Plain) {4}: am_b:+ -- TH:***
  12. Ben Harper & Charlie Musselwhite: No Mercy in This Land (Anti-) {4}: AS:23, DVk:47, V:+(1); am_b:+
  13. Marcia Ball: Shine Bright (Alligator) {3}: V:+(1); vpbl:7 -- TH:*
  14. Tori Kelly: Hiding Place (Schoolboy/Capitol) {3}: la_w:4, sjm:8
  15. Geoff Achison: Sovereign Town (Jupiter/Landslide) {2}: LTL:16
  16. Cedric Burnside: Benton County Relic (Single Lock) {2}: BS:25, Mj:59
  17. Ms Jody: I'm Doin' My Thang (Ecko) {2}: V:+(1); vsk:6
  18. Candi Staton: Unstoppable (Beracah) {2}: Mj:74, V:+(1); vaf:7
  19. Patrick Sweany: Ancient Noise (Nine Mile) {2}: AS:14
  20. Walter Wolfman Washington: My Future Is My Past (Anti-) {2}: JC:+; am_b:+
  21. Tony Joe White: Bad Mouthin' (Yep Roc) {2}: am_b:+, mj:+
  22. Shawn Amos: Breaks It Down (Put Together) {1}: am_b:+
  23. Rory Block: A Woman's Soul: A Tribute to Bessie Smith (Stoney Plain) {1}: jcmb:+
  24. Joe Bonamassa: Redemption (J&R) {1}: am_b:+
  25. RL Boyce: Rattlesnake Boogie (Waxploitation) {1}: -- TH:*
  26. David Brinston: Kitty Whipped (Ecko) {1}: V:+(1)
  27. OB Buchana: Parking Lot Love Affair (Ecko) {1}: V:+(1)
  28. Jon Cleary: Dyna-Mite (FHQ) {1}: -- TH:*
  29. Charley Crockett: Lil GL's Blue Bonanza (Son of Davy) {1}: am_b:+
  30. Beth Hart & Joe Bonamassa: Black Coffee (J&R Adventures) {1}: am_b:+
  31. Joi: SIR Rebekkah Holylove (Jolicious/Leau Tech) {1}: V:+(1)
  32. Jeter Jones: Dhis Him (Music Access) {1}: V:+(1)
  33. Sir Charles Jones: The Masterpiece (Southern King Entertainment) {1}: V:+(1)
  34. King Fred: Soul 2 Soul (Riverside) {1}: V:+(1)
  35. Yazmin Lacey: When the Sun Dips 90 Degrees (First Word) {1}: V:+(1)
  36. Fullee Love: Soup J5 Presents Fullee Love: Free White & 21 (Najla Music) {1}: V:+(1)
  37. Magic One: The Magic Show (self-released) {1}: V:+(1)
  38. Janiva Magness: Love Is an Army (Blue Elan) {1}: am_b:+
  39. The Nick Moss Band Featuring Dennis Gruenling: The High Cost of Low Living (Alligator) {1}: am_b:+
  40. P2K DaDiddy: Welcome 2 Da Boom Boom Room (self-released) {1}: V:+(1)
  41. Joyann Parker: Hard to Love (BNC) {1}: V:+(1)
  42. Ben Pirani: How Do I Talk to My Brother? (Colemine) {1}: V:+(1)
  43. Bernard Purdie & Friends: Present: Cool Down (Sugar Road) {1}: V:+(1)
  44. Donnie Ray: My Southern Soul (CDS) {1}: V:+(1)
  45. The Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band: Poor Until Payday (Family Owned) {1}: V:+(1)
  46. The Sha La Das: Love in the Wind (Daptone) {1}: V:+(1)
  47. Chris Smither: Call Me Lucky (Signature Sounds) {1}: am_b:+
  48. Carolyn Staten: Ladies' Night (Firefyre) {1}: V:+(1)
  49. Aaron Stephens: Focus (Aaron Stephens Music) {1}: V:+(1)
  50. The Suffers: Everything Here (Shanachie) {1}: V:+(1)
  51. Thundercat/OG Ron C/DJ Candlestick: Drank (Brainfeeder) {1}: V:+(1)
  52. Tucka: Working With the Feeling (Hit Nation) {1}: V:+(1)
  53. VanJess: Silk Canvas (self-releaswed) {1}: V:+(1)
  54. David Vest: David Vest (Cordova Bay) {1}: Cpu:25
  55. Summer Walker: Last Day of Summer (LVRN) {1}: V:+(1)
  56. Luke Winslow-King: Blue Mesa (Bloodshot) {1}: am_b:+


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