EOY [Mid-Year] List Aggregate: 2018 New Music: Country/Americana/Folk

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Some breakdowns by genre:


  1. Kacey Musgraves: Golden Hour (MCA Nashville) {358}: 405:21, ABC:5, Al:2, Alt:47, AS:1, BB:3, Blr:5, BS:4, BV:16, Ch:1, Cmp:36, Cos:+, CS:9, Dag:2, DT:2, Dv:1, DVk:2, E_US:6, EW:1, EWi:17, Ex:+, Fld:9, Fp:57, Fw:2, G:8, GC:22, Gg:3, I:4, Id:3, Int:2, LBF:31, LTL:6, M_ha:42, Mc:4, Mg:19, Mj:23, Ms:17, Mz:10, N:2, NME:65, NPR:3, NS:1, Oo:7, P:44, PA:18, PB:2, PCr:+, Pf:2, PM:2, PO:+, Ps:3, Q:12, Rdx:33, RS:2, RS_c:1, S:3, Sb:+, SC:9, Sg:1, Sl:25, Thr:1, Tr:24, Up:2, UpC:1, V:1(100), VMP:3, YF:3; am:+, am_c:+, asp:2, av_c:+, bg_c:6, bsd:+, cmt:+, db_s:10, e_c:4, ex_c:1, bc:2, gq:+, hc_g:2, hmv:+, ir:2, , ju:+, la_l:4, la_w:6, mc:+, mc_u:2, mms:+, nod:++, np:4, np_c:5, np_s:1, np_t:+, npr_m:+, nyp:+, owh:+, p:1, pi:++, pm_c:1, pmc:+, rak:+, re:4, ref:2, ri:+, scm_m:8, sdc:+, sg_c:1, sjm:5, sln:+, smh:+, so:+, sw:2, tbt:2, ti:8, tl:1, tns:+, ton:+, ust:+, usw:1, v_ab:1, v_cw:4, vac:6, vaf:8, val:1, vaph:4, vasl:10, vbs:7, vck:3, vcm:1, vcpa:3, vcr:10, vdb:3, vdd:2, vdf:9, vdh:4, vej:2, vgc:6, vhgw:6, vhh:5, vjco:8, vjh:5, vlk:8, vmd:6, vml:10, vnf:9, vrb:8, vrh:5, vse:3, vsn:6, vti:3, vu:4, vwh:2, vzl:8, wp:3, wsj:+, xhs:18, xjd:6, xpb:4, yh:2 -- Mc:89, AM:7, RM:6, RC:B+, TH:B
  2. Pistol Annies: Interstate Gospel (RCA Nashville) {137}: AS:2, BB:37, BS:7, EW:6, EWi:6, Gg:42, GMg:25, HV:3, LTL:2, NPR:13, NS:2, PM:37, PO:8, RS:4, RS_c:2, RSh:5, Thr:23, UpC:17, V:15(30), YF:20; am:+, am_c:+, av_c:+, bg_j:4, bsb:+, cmt:+, e_c:1, ex_c:3, hc_g:10, ir:5, nod:+, np_t:+, pi:+, pm_c:2, ri:9, scm:++, scm_m:2, sg_c:2, sln:+, tl:3, tns:+, v_ab:6, v_cw:6, vae:8, vaf:2, val:4, vamp:2, vapw:7, vas:8, vjcl:9, vew:3, vhgw:8, vjlf:8, vjm:6, vmb:4, vmj:10, vmr:8, vrc:5, vrm:8, vse:1, vu:3, vwh:3, xbl:10, xhs:9, xjd:+, xjdc:5, xjl:8, xjsm:1, xpb:+, xrt:8 -- AM:78, RM:82, RC:A, TH:A-
  3. Eric Church: Desperate Man (EMI Nashville) {46}: AS:7, EW:8, HV:10, Nd:14, NS:5, RS:38, RS_c:6, Thr:8, V:+(4); am_c:+, e_c:2, la_l:2, pm_c:3, cg_c:8, scm:+, scm_m:4, sln:+, tns:+, v_ab:4, v_cw:19, val:9, vas:9, vse:7 -- TH:A-
  4. Mary Gauthier: Rifles & Rosary Beads (In the Black) {46}: AS:20, BS:30, Cpu:2, DVk:48, EW:+, EWi:41, LTL:9, NPR:23, NS:17, PM:+, PO:18, RS_c:14, V:95(8); am_f:+, ax:+, la_l:1, nod:+, pm_a:6, tl:9, vapw:1, vew:10, vjt:10, xjsm:9, vlk:5 -- RC:A-, TH:A-
  5. Ashley McBryde: Girl Going Nowhere (Warner Nashville) {45}: BB:+, BS:20, HV:+, NS:3, P:48, RS:42, RS_c:8, UpC:46, V:62(13); am_c:+, av_c:+, e_c:9, hmv:+, la_l:9, nod:+, np_s:7, ny_c:6, pm_c:6, scm:+, scm_m:3, sg_c:5, sl:+, sln:+, tl:4, tns:+, v_cw:12, vaz:5, vcwi:7, vrh:2, vwh:10 -- RC:B+, TH:**
  6. Willie Nelson: Last Man Standing (Legacy) {43}: EE:17, EWi:26, GMg:21, Mj:67, NS:8, PA:13, PO:+, RS:+, RS_c:19, V:+(6), YW:32; am_c:+, art:+, e_c:6, jjk:+, pm_c:7, scm:+, vjlf:10, vjp:8, vjt:1, vlk:10, vtc:8, vtk:10, xhs:14, xjdc:7, xjl:10, xrt:+ -- RC:A, TH:A-
  7. Amanda Shires: To the Sunset (Silver Knife) {42}: Atl:23, AS:4, BV:42, EWi:40, NS:13, RS:41, RS_c:7, Sk:44, UpC:45, V:89(9); am_f:+, am_s:+, ct:16, gl:+, nod:+, pm_a:3, so_d:7, tl:6, tns:+, vcp:10, vhgw:7, vhh:3, vjd:1, xjdc:43 -- AM:186, RC:A-, TH:***
  8. Courtney Marie Andrews: May Your Kindness Remain (Fat Possum/Mama Bird) {40}: Al:21, DJ:47, Fp:82, G:43, GTV:76, LLV:96, LTL:8, Mj:53, NPR:+, NS:15, P:21, RS_c:13, RT:91, U:25, UpC:96, V:72(9); am_f:+, av_c:+, bsd:+, gl:++, hmv:+, nod:+, pm_a:13, scm:++, v_cm:5, vbo:1, vjcl:2 -- AM:131, RM:142, TH:*
  9. Lori McKenna: The Tree (CN/Thirty Tigers) {35}: Ch:29, EW:15, Id:13, LTL:12, Nd:11, NS:9, PO:+, RS_c:24, Trk:25, V:+(3), YF:+; av_c:+, bsb:+, nod:+, scm:++, vjco:6, vmj:5, wp:5, xjdc:+ -- RC:B+, TH:A-
  10. Sarah Shook & the Disarmers: Years (Bloodshot) {32}: LTL:19, NS:22, PM:32, RS_c:16, V:+(5); am_f:+, bsd:+, ct:1, gl:+, nod:++, pm_a:2, scm:+++, sg_c:10, so:+, so_k:1, vdf:3, vhgw:3 -- RC:**, TH:*
  11. Brothers Osborne: Port Saint Joe (EMI Nashville) {25}: AS:15, NPR:+, NS:10, RS:+, RS_c:9, SC:+, Up:+, V:+(1); am:+, am_c:+, cmt:+, e_c:7, nod:+, pm_c:8, scm:+, scm_m:5, sg_c:6, sln:+, tns:+, vse:9 -- TH:B
  12. Ashley Monroe: Sparrow (Warner Nashville) {25}: HV:20, NS:7, RS_c:27, V:+(3), YF:40; am:+, am_c:+, nod:+, pm_c:4, scm_m:9, sg_c:7, sln:+, vjs:5, vmr:2, vse:4, wp:6, xjdc:+ -- RC:*, TH:B-
  13. Colter Wall: Songs of the Plains (Young Mary's) {24}: ABC:21, Cpu:14, DT:26.I:6, LTL:1, NS:27, RS_c:39, V:+(1), VMP:14; av_c:+, gl:++, nod:+, scm:++ -- TH:**
  14. Robbie Fulks/Linda Gail Lewis: Wild! Wild! Wild! (Bloodshot) {22}: NS:21, PO:+, V:+(5); am_c:+, am_f:+, bg_u:7, mj:+, pm_a:10, scm:+, vdf:7, vjp:3, vjty:7, vshg:3 -- RC:***, TH:A-
  15. American Aquarium: Things Change (New West) {18}: AS:9, BS:24, RS_c:20; nod:+, owh:+, scm:+++, xjdc:+ -- RC:B+, TH:***
  16. Brent Cobb: Providence Canyon (Elektra) {18}: I:38, NS:18, RS:+, RS_c:10, V:+(1); am_c:+, av_c:+, pm_c:5, scm:++, vshg:2 -- TH:**
  17. Becky Warren: Undesirable (self-released) {17}: EWi:+, GMg:45, NS:28, PO:+, RS_c:18; gl:++, xjdc:6 -- RC:A-, TH:A-
  18. Mandy Barnett: Strange Conversation (Dame Productions/Thirty Tigers) {15}: GMg:43, PO:+, V:+(1); am_c:+, nod:+, vjb:9, xjdc:23 -- RC:A-, TH:A-
  19. Rosanne Cash: She Remembers Everything (Blue Note) {15}: BS:12, LTL:20, NS:11, RS_c:22, P:33, V:+(1); am_s:+, jjk:+, la_l:8 -- TH:***
  20. Dave Alvin and Jimmie Dale Gilmore: Downey to Lubbock (Yep Roc) {14}: NS:23, V:+(3), YW:49; gl:+, la_l:5, vlk:6, vpbl:5, vpg:10 -- TH:A-
  21. Dierks Bentley: The Mountain (Capitol) {14}: BB:49, HV:+, NS:12, RS_c:15; am_c:+, cmt:+, e_c:5, scm:+, scm_m:7, sln:+, tns:+
  22. Joshua Hedley: Mr Jukebox (Third Man) {14}: AS:10, NS:16, RS_c:23, V:+(2); am_c:+, nod:+, scm:++, tns:+, vhgw:10, vshg:9 -- TH:B
  23. Caitlyn Smith: Starfire (Monument) {13}: Ch:21, NS:19, UpC:99, V:+(2); bsd:+, scm:+++, scm_m:1, vdh:6 -- TH:B
  24. The War and Treaty: Healing Tide (Strong World Entertainment) {11}: AS:12, LTL:17, RS_c:34, V:+(2); bg_u:10, nod:++, tl:10, tns:+
  25. HC McEntire: Lionheart (Merge) {10}: GTV:61, SC:+, Thr:18, Up:+, V:+(3); nod:+, vjcl:1
  26. Tami Neilson: Sassafrass! (Outside Music) {9}: NZH:7, TNZ:7; ax:+ -- TH:**
  27. Carrie Underwood: Cry Pretty (Capitol Nashville) {9}: Nd:17, NS:20; am_c:+, av_c:+, p:10, sln:+, tns:+
  28. The Bottle Rockets: Bit Logic (Bloodshot) {8}: NS:30; am_k:+, bg_u:2, nod:+, scm:+, xjdc:47 -- TH:*
  29. Will Hoge: My American Dream (EDLO) {8}: BS:19, RS_c:21; nod:+ -- RC:**, TH:**
  30. Loretta Lynn: Wouldn't It Be Great (Legacy) {8}: M_ha:30, NS:14; nod:+, pm_c:9, sg_c:9 -- TH:**
  31. Willie Nelson: My Way (Legacy) {8}: JC:+, V:+(1); cmt:+, vjt:4 -- RC:*, TH:**
  32. The Jayhawks: Back Roads and Abandoned Motels (Legacy) {7}: Fp:81, Mz:20; nod:+, pm_a:5, rut:14 -- TH:B
  33. Mike and the Moonpies: Steak Night at the Prairie Rose (self-released) {7}: LTL:18, RS_c:17; am_c:+, scm:+++
  34. Old Crow Medicine Show: Volunteer (Columbia Nashville) {7}: PM:58, V:+(1); am:+, am_f:+, pm_a:11, scm:+ -- TH:*
  35. Aaron Lee Tasjan: Karma for Cheap (New West) {7}: AS:17, RS_c:31, V:+(1); nod:+, vzl:5
  36. Dillon Carmichael: Hell on an Angel (Riser House) {6}: RS_c:38; nod:+, scm:+++ -- TH:*
  37. Jason Eady: I Travel On (Old Guitar) {6}: scm:+++ -- TH:***
  38. Shooter Jennings: Shooter (Elektra) {6}: RS_c:30, V:+(2); am_c:+, nod:+, vdg:5
  39. Parker Millsap: Other Arrangements (Okrahoma) {6}: ax:+, nod:+, pm_a:9, scm:+, so:+ -- TH:*
  40. Gretchen Peters: Dancing With the Beast (Scarlet Letter) {6}: LTL:15, V:+(1); bsd:+, nod:+, vamp:6
  41. Jamie Lin Wilson: Jumping Over Rocks (self-released) {6}: bsd:+, scm:+++ -- TH:**
  42. Asleep at the Wheel: New Routes (Bismeaux) {5}: V:+(2); vjb:8, vpbl:4 -- TH:*
  43. The Brother Brothers: Some People I Know (Compass) {5}: V:+(1); nod:++, pm_f:19, scm:++
  44. Kenny Chesney: Songs for the Saints (Blue Chair/Parlophone/Warner Bros) {5}: RS_c:28; am_c:+, scm:+, scm_m:6, tns:+
  45. Charley Crockett: Lonesome as a Shadow (Son of Davy) {5}: V:+(1); am_c:+, pm_a:17, scm:+, vdf:6
  46. Jim Lauderdale: Time Flies (Yep Roc) {5}: V:+(1); am_c:+, vshg:1
  47. Whitey Morgan and the 78's: Hard Times and White Lines (Whitey Morgan Music) {5}: nod:+, scm:+++ -- TH:*
  48. Israel Nash: Lifted (Loose) {5}: Fp:66, Trk:43, V:+(1); gl:++
  49. Grant Peeples and the Peeples Republik: Settling Scores Vol II (Gatorbone) {5}: -- RC:***, TH:**
  50. Marisa Anderson: Cloud Corner (Thrill Jockey) {4}: V:+(3); am_f:+, nod:+, vaf:9
  51. Kane Brown: Experiment (RCA Nashville) {4}: RS_c:40; am_c:+, ny_c:10, sln:+
  52. Devin Dawson: Dark Horse (Atlantic/Warner Music Nashville) {4}: RS_c:25; am_c:+, e_c:10, sln:+
  53. Jason Boland & the Stragglers: Hard Times Are Relative (Proud Souls) {3}: nod:+, scm:++
  54. Jordan Davis: Home State (EMI Nashville) {3}: V:+(1); sln:+, vclw:10
  55. El Coyote: El Coyote (self-released) {3}: scm:+++
  56. Kinky Friedman: Circus of Life (Echo Hill) {3}: V:+(1); vjb:3
  57. Adam Hood: Somewhere in Between (Southern Songs) {3}: RS_c:32; am_c:+, cmt:+
  58. Cody Jinks: Lifers (Rounder) {3}: am_c:+, scm:++
  59. The Mammals: Sunshiner (Humble Abode Music) {3}: LTL:7
  60. Lindi Ortega: Liberty (Shadowbox) {3}: am_c:+, nod:+, scm:+
  61. Carly Pearce: Every Little Thing (Big Machine -17) {3}: V:+(1); vjs:4 -- [TH:B-]
  62. Sugarland: Bigger (Big Machine) {3}: am_c:+, sln:+, tns:+
  63. Kelly Willis: Back Being Blue (Premium) {3}: V:+(1); am_c:+ -- TH:*
  64. The Wood Brothers: One Drop of Truth (Thirty Tigers) {3}: gl:++, nod:+
  65. Birds of Chicago: Love in Wartime (Signature Sounds) {2}: bsd:+, pm_a:16
  66. Blue Yonder: Rough and Ready Heart (NewSong) {2}: nod:+, scm:+
  67. Tom Buller: When a Country Boy Gets the Blues (self-released) {2}: scm:++
  68. Carolina Story: Lay Your Head Down (Black River Americana) {2}: V:+(1); pm_f:16
  69. Kasey Chambers: Campfire (Essence Music Group) {2}: am_s:+bsd:+
  70. Jesse Dayton: The Outsider (Blue Elan) {2}: bg_u:5
  71. Jerry David Decicca: Time the Teacher (Impossible Ark) {2}: RC:18
  72. Jeffrey Foucault: Blood Brothers (Tone Tree Music) {2}: bg_u:6, nod:+
  73. Heathen Apostles: Bloodgrass Vol I & II (Ratchet Blade) {2}: V:+(1); xce:7
  74. I See Hawks in LA: Live and Never Learn (Western Seeds) {2}: V:+(1); nod:+
  75. Jillian Jacqueline: Side B (Big Loud) {2}: V:+(1); vclw:3
  76. Kaia Kater: Grenades (Smithsonian Folkways) {2}: nod:+, pm_a:19
  77. Dawn Landes: Meet Me at the River (Yep Roc) {2}: V:+(1); am_s:+, vdf:8
  78. Lucero: Among the Ghosts (Thirty Tigers) {2}: AS:16
  79. Carson McHone: Carousel (Loose Music) {2}: RS_c:35; scm:+
  80. Frank Newsome: Gone Away With a Friend (Free Dirt) {2}: scm:++
  81. Oak Ridge Boys: 17th Avenue Revival (Lightning Rod) {2}: V:+(1); vjb:7
  82. Amy Ray: Holler (Compass) {2}: am_f:+, nod:+
  83. Rebekah Rolland: Seed & Silo (self-released) {2}: pm_f:3
  84. Pharis & Jason Romero: Sweet Old Religion (Lula) {2}: nod:+, scm:+
  85. Carter Sampson: Lucky (Horton) {2}: Trk:19
  86. Cliff Westfall: Baby You Win (self-released) {2}: scm:++
  87. AHI: In Our Time (22nd Sentry) {1}: scm:+
  88. Jason Aldean: Rearview Town (Broken Bow) {1}: cmt:+
  89. Jimmie Allen: Mercury Lane (Stoney Creek) {1}: sln:+
  90. Amigo: And Friends (Schoolkids) {1}: nod:+
  91. Banjolectric: So Below (self-released) {1}: pm_f:18
  92. Tucker Beathard: Nobody's Everything (Mother Tucker/Warner Music Nashville) {1}: cmt:+
  93. Laura Benitez & the Heartache: With All Its Thorns (Copperhead) {1}: bsd:+
  94. Wade Bowen: Solid Ground (Bowen Sounds) {1}: pm_c:10
  95. Jay Bragg: Honky Tonk Dream (self-released) {1}: scm:+
  96. Mariel Buckley: Driving in the Dark (self-released) {1}: nod:+
  97. Darci Carlson: Darci Carlson (self-released) {1}: scm:+
  98. Caleb Caudle: Crushed Coins (Cornelius Chapel) {1}: BS:26
  99. The Church Sisters: A Night at the Opry (Valory Music) {1}: scm:+
  100. Beccy Cole: Lioness (ABC) {1}: ax:9
  101. Comanche Moon: Country Music Deathstar (Edgewater Music Group) {1}: scm:+
  102. Ross Cooper: I Rode the Wild Horses (self-released) {1}: bsd:+
  103. Jason Crabb: Unexpected (New Day Entertainment) {1}: tns:+
  104. Rodney Crowell: Acoustic Classics (RC1) {1}: -- TH:*
  105. Tim Culpepper: DUI (Drinkin' Under the Influence) (self-released) {1}: scm:+
  106. Ben Danaher: Still Feel Lucky (Soundly Music) {1}: cmt:+
  107. Jesse Daniel: Jesse Daniel (Die True) {1}: scm:+
  108. Dan + Shay: Dan + Shay (Warner Nashville) {1}: tns:+
  109. Elise Davis: Cactus (Tone Tree Music) {1}: BS:22
  110. Ward Davis: Asunder (self-released -EP) {1}: scm:+
  111. Dead Horses: My Mother the Moon (self-released) {1}: nod:+
  112. Donna the Buffalo: Dance in the Street (self-released) {1}: nod:+
  113. Erik Dylan: Baseball on the Moon (self-released) {1}: bsd:+
  114. The Earls of Leicester: Live at the CMA Theater at the Country Music Hall of Fame (New Rounder) {1}: cmt:+
  115. Ana Egge: White Tiger (StorySound) {1}: nod:+
  116. Elisapie: The Ballad of the Runaway Girl (Bronsound) {1}: ex_c:9
  117. R Finn: Collecting Trip (Heritage) {1}: bsd:+
  118. Dom Flemons: Black Cowboys (Smithsonian Folkways) {1}: pm_a:20
  119. Folk Soul Revival: Folk Soul Revival (self-released) {1}: scm:+
  120. Frank Foster: 'Til I'm Gone (Lone Chief) {1}: am_c:+
  121. Thomas Gabriel: Long Way Home (Oxvision Media) {1}: scm:+
  122. Geoff Gibbons: Shadow of a Stone: Songs of Remembrance (Bluecafe Music) {1}: pm_f:14
  123. William Clark Green: Hebert Island (Bill Greease) {1}: scm:+
  124. JP Harris: Sometimes Dogs Bark at Nothing (Free Dirt) {1}: scm:+
  125. Courtney Hartman & Taylor Ashton: Been on Your Side (Free Dirt) {1}: nod:+
  126. Hawktail: Unless (Padiddle) {1}: nod:+
  127. The Hellroys: Hellroys Is Real (No Soul) {1}: scm:+
  128. Chris Hennessee: Ramble (Big Gassed) {1}: scm:+
  129. Malcolm Holcombe: Come Hell or High Water (Gypsy Eyes Music) {1}: nod:+
  130. John Howie Jr: Not Tonight (Suah Sounds) {1}: nod:+
  131. Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit: Live From the Ryman (Southeastern) {1}: V:+(1)
  132. Kacy & Clayton: The Siren's Song (self-released -17) {1}: sd:8
  133. Kieran Kane/Rayna Gellert: The Ledges (Dead Reckoning) {1}: nod:+
  134. Randall King: Randall King (self-released) {1}: scm:+
  135. Jimmy LaFave: Peace Town (Music Road) {1}: nod:+
  136. Owen Lake & the Tragic Loves: The Best of Your Lies (Carrier) {1}: pm_a:18
  137. Mickey Lamantia: Every Bad Habit (self-released) {1}: scm:+
  138. Lanco: Hallelujah Nights (Arista Nashville) {1}: cmt:+
  139. Greg Laswell: Next Time (Leg Graswell) {1}: pm_f:15
  140. Left Arm Tan: El Camino (self-released) {1}: scm:+
  141. Vivian Leva: Time Is Everything (Free Dirt) {1}: scm:+
  142. Sam Lewis: Loversity (Tone Tree Music) {1}: nod:+
  143. The Magic City Trio: Amerikana Arkana (Kailua) {1}: V:+(1)
  144. The Del McCoury Band: Del McCoury Still Sings Bluegrass (McCoury Music) {1}: PO:+
  145. Buck Meek: Buck Meek (Keeled Scales) {1}: nod:+
  146. John R Miller and the Engine Lights: The Trouble You Follow (Emperor) {1}: scm:+
  147. Dallas Moore: Mr Honky Tonk (SOL) {1}: scm:+
  148. Drew Moreland: Drew Moreland (self-released) {1}: scm:+
  149. Laura Morrow: Laura Morrow (self-released -EP) {1}: scm:+
  150. Sam Moss: Neon (Lost Honey) {1}: nod:+
  151. Kristina Murray: Southern Ambrosia (Loud Magnolia) {1}: scm:+
  152. The Northern Belle: Blinding Blue Neon (Vestkyst) {1}: Dv:23
  153. John Oates: Arkansas (Thirty Tigers) {1}: am_f:+
  154. Dolly Parton: Dumplin' [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] (Dolly/RCA Nashville) {1}: tns:+
  155. Courtney Patton: What It's Like to Fly Alone (self-released) {1}: scm:+
  156. Larry Peninsula: Country Music Only (Ramasound) {1}: scm:+
  157. Punch Brothers: All Ashore (Nonesuch) {1}: V:+(1); sdu:6
  158. The Rising: Moving On (Renegade Maverick) {1}: GTV:39
  159. Peter Rowan: Carter Stanley's Eyes (Rebel) {1}: nod:+
  160. Amber Rubarth/Joe Purdy: American Folk [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] (American Folks) {1}: nod:+
  161. Red Shahan: Culberson County (7013) {1}: scm:+
  162. Shotgun Rider: Palo Duro (Torrez Music Group) {1}: scm:+
  163. Nick Shoulders: Lonely Like Me (self-released) {1}: scm:+
  164. Rhyan Sinclair: Barstormer (Little Haunted Girl Music) {1}: scm:+
  165. Slocan Ramblers: Queen City Jubilee (Slomusic) {1}: nod:+
  166. Scott Southworth: Hey Hillbilly Singer (Scott Likes Pie Music) {1}: scm:+
  167. Chris Stapleton: From a Room Volume 2 (Mercury Nashville -17) {1}: cmt:+ -- [TH:**]
  168. James Steinle: South Texas Homecoming (self-released) {1}: scm:+
  169. The Stray Birds: Let It Pass (Yep Roc) {1}: nod:+
  170. The Stryker Brothers: Burn Band (Scriptorium Rex) {1}: scm:+
  171. Cole Swindell: All of It (Warner Nashville) {1}: sln:+
  172. Ugly Valley Boys: Iron Mine (self-released) {1}: scm:+
  173. Keith Urban: Graffiti U (Hit Red/Capitol Nashville) {1}: sln:+
  174. Urban Pioneers: Hilbilly Swing Music (UpRooted) {1}: scm:+
  175. Waco Brothers: Going Down in History (Bloodshot -16) {1}: GMg:23 -- [TH:***]
  176. Josh Ward: More Than I Deserve (self-released) {1}: scm:+
  177. We Banjo 3: Haven (self-released) {1}: nod:+
  178. Kevin Welch: Dust Devil (Dead Reckoning) {1}: nod:+
  179. Darling West: While I Was Asleep (Jansen) {1}: Dv:37
  180. Western Centuries: Songs From the Deluge (Free Dirt) {1}: scm:+
  181. Roland White & Friends: Tribute to the Kentucky Colonels (Crossroads) {1}: cmt:+
  182. The Wild Feathers: Greetings From the Neon Frontier (Reprise) {1}: V:+(1); am_k:+
  183. Yellow Feather: And Gold (Couch Farm -17) {1}: scm:+
  184. Wes Youssi and the County Champs: Down Low (self-released) {1}: scm:+


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