EOY [Mid-Year] List Aggregate: 2018 New Music: Metal

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Some breakdowns by genre:


  1. Sleep: The Sciences (Third Man) {44}: CS:+, Db:22, Dr:54, DT:39, DVk:37, Ex:+, FB:18, Fp:93, Gg:30, Gw:46, Mj:36, Ne:20, Od:48, Pf:43, PO:+, Rev:5, RM:32, RS:46, Sb:17, Sg:+, SR:5, Tr:28, UpC:76, YF:+; ex_m:2, hmv:+, lw_m:1, tr_m:12, v_ab:8, v_ja:17, vu:9 -- TH:*
  2. Deafheaven: Ordinary Corrupt Human Love (Anti-) {39}: 405:37, ATH:29, Bq:+, CS:30, Db:14, Eb:18, Fld:14, G:41, Gg:40, N:69, NME:22, NR:26, Pf:28, PM:7, PR:5, Pu:23, Rev:12, S:44, Tr:5, UpC:47, UR:97, VMP:18; hmv:+, lw_m:30, tr_m:9, v_ja:7
  3. Ghost: Prequelle (Loma Vista) {29}: Dag:4, DVk:41, L:+, Ne:17, PM:69, PR:1, Rev:1, Ups:39; am:+, an:4, gl:++, hmv:+, lw_m:2, yh:10
  4. Turnstile: Time & Space (Roadrunner) {29}: BB:+, Blr:37, Bq:+, BV:8, Ex:+, L:+, NME:35, PR:10, Pu:12, Rev:3, RkS:33, RS:+, Sb:+, Sg:+, Up:+; av_k:+, ex_m:10, lw_r:15, ny_c:13, wp:7 -- TH:*
  5. Judas Priest: Firepower (Columbia) {20}: Dag:18, Db:5, L:+, Ne:23, PR:2, Rev:4, RS:+; lw_m:3, tr_m:16
  6. Zeal and Ardor: Stranger Fruit (MVKA) {20}: AV:+, Dag:24, Db:33, M:+, Ms:20, Ne:42, PO:5, Rev:?, Sb:+, Ups:50; av_m:+, lw_m:46 -- TH:*
  7. Tribulation: Down Below (Century Media) {19}: BV:12, Db:2, DVk:8, Gf:8, Rev:27, Tr:20; av_m:+, lw_m:9, tr_m:3
  8. YOB: Our Raw Heart (Relapse) {19}: CS:13, Db:1, DVk:29, N:49, Rev:20, Tr:25, UpC:51, VMP:21; am:+, lw_m:10, tr_m:2, vu:12
  9. Thou: Magus (Sacred Bones) {15}: BV:15, Db:34, N:12, No:49, NPR:43, NR:20, Tr:30, UpC:71; av_m:+, tr_m:1
  10. Architects: Holy Hell (Epitaph) {14}: Blr:19, Bq:+, GTV:37, I:33, NME:60, Pu:16, RkS:11, Ups:3
  11. Vein: Errorzone (Closed Casket Activities) {12}: Alt:27, NME:89, Rev:2, UpC:90; av_k:+, ex_m:1, lw_m:6
  12. Behemoth: I Loved You at Your Darkest (Metal Blade) {11}: CS:28, Dag:13, Gf:5, Rev:8; lw_m:22
  13. Alice in Chains: Rainier Fog (BMG) {8}: PR:4; an:1, lw_r:8
  14. Pig Destroyer: Head Cage (Relapse) {8}: BV:33, Db:10, Qt:51, Rev:13; lw_m:23
  15. Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats: Wasteland (Rise Above) {8}: Db:7, FB:21, Gf:12; lw_m:5
  16. Conjurer: Mire (Holy Roar) {7}: L:+, Pu:9, Ups:14; av_m:+
  17. Mol: Jord (Holy Roar) {7}: 405:20, L:+, Pu:11, Sg:+; lw_m:19
  18. Khemmis: Desolation (20 Buck Spin/Nuclear Blast) {6}: Db:9, FB:28, PM:+; tr_m:13
  19. Tomb Mold: Manor of Infinite Forms (20 Buck Spin) {6}: Db:17, Od:43, Rev:19; tr_m:15
  20. The Body: I Have Fought Against It but I Can't Any Longer (Thrill Jockey) {5}: Eb:39, No:16, Qt:64; av_m:+
  21. Don Broco: Technology (Nuclear Blast) {5}: Bq:+, RkS:2
  22. Cult Leader: A Patient Man (Deathwish) {5}: Pu:18, Rev:11; ex_m:7
  23. High on Fire: Electric Messiah (Entertainment One) {5}: Rev:15; av_m:+, lw_m:16, tr_m:22
  24. Horrendous: Idol (Season of Mist) {5}: Db:28, Ne:19, Rev:24; tr_m:6
  25. Sumac: Love in Shadow (Thrill Jockey) {5}: Tr:21; av_m:+, lw_m:20, tr_m:4
  26. At the Gates: To Drink From the Night Itself (Century Media) {4}: Db:11, Rev:30, Sg:+
  27. Bury Tomorrow: Black Flame (Music for Nations) {4}: Bq:+, RkS:26, Ups:11
  28. Clutch: Book of Bad Decisions (Weathermaker) {4}: PR:7; lw_r:14
  29. Evoken: Hypnagogia (Profound Lore) {4}: Db:4
  30. Graveyard: Peace (Nuclear Blast) {4}: FB:2
  31. Immortal: Northern Chaos Gods (Nuclear Blast) {4}: Db:8; lw_m:29
  32. Outer Heaven: Realms of Eternal Decay (Relapse) {4}: Db:20; ex_m:5
  33. Palm Reader: Braille (Silent Cult) {4}: Pu:4
  34. Panopticon: The Scars of Man on the Once Nameless Wilderness Part I and II (Nordvis) {4}: Db:40, Qt:21; av_m:+, tr_m:14
  35. Skeletonwitch: Devouring Radiant Light (Prosthetic) {4}: Db:6; av_m:+
  36. Uada: Cult of a Dying Sun (Eisenwald) {4}: Db:3
  37. Between the Buried and Me: Automata I (Sumerian) {3}: L:+, SC:+; lw_m:8
  38. Harm's Way: Posthuman (Metal Blade) {3}: Rev:17; ex_m:6
  39. Hopesfall: Arbiter (Graphic Nature/Equal Vision) {3}: ax:1
  40. Imperial Triumphant: Vile Luxury (Gilead Media) {3}: Ne:43; ex_m:9, tr_m:10
  41. Orphaned Land: Unsung Prophets & Dead Messiahs (Century Media) {3}: Gf:19, L:+
  42. Rivers of Nihil: Where Owls Know My Name (Metal Blade) {3}: ex_m:3, lw_m:15
  43. Voivod: The Wake (Century Media) {3}: Db:13, Tr:38
  44. Windhand: Eternal Return (Relapse) {3}: BV:38, FB:29; av_m:+
  45. Ancestors: Suspended in Reflections (Pelagic) {2}: FB:20
  46. The Atlas Moth: Coma Noir (Prosthetic) {2}: Db:18
  47. Candy: Good to Feel (Triple-B) {2}: Rev:25; av_k:+
  48. Cane Hill: Too Far Gone (Rise) {2}: Rev:18
  49. Chapel of Disease: . . . And as We Have Seen the Storm We Have Embraced the Eye (Van) {2}: Db:15
  50. Corrosion of Conformity: No Cross No Crown (Nuclear Blast) {2}: Db:31, L:+
  51. Hate Eternal: Upon Desolate Sands (Season of Mist) {2}: Db:39; lw_m:14
  52. Haunt: Burst Into Flame (Shadow Kingdom) {2}: Db:12
  53. Lucifer: Lucifer II (Century Media) {2}: FB:16
  54. Mammoth Grinder: Cosmic Crypt (Relapse) {2}: N:27; av_m:+
  55. Messa: Feast for Water (Aural) {2}: FB:12
  56. Mournful Congregation: The Incubus of Karma (Osmose/20 Buck Spin) {2}: Db:23; tr_m:18
  57. Of Mice & Men: Defy (Rise) {2}: Ups:15
  58. Portal: Ion (Profound Lore) {2}: Db:24, Ne:25
  59. Portrayal of Guilt: Let Pain Be Your Guide (Gilead Media) {2}: N:25; tr_m:8
  60. Satan: Cruel Magic (Metal Blade) {2}: Db:16
  61. Sepulcher: Panoptic Horror (Edged Circle Productions) {2}: Db:30; tr_m:24
  62. Svalbard: It's Hard to Have Hope (Translation Loss) {2}: Db:29, N:40
  63. Varathron: Patriarchs of Evil (Agonia) {2}: Db:19
  64. Visigoth: Conqueror's Oath (Metal Blade) {2}: Db:26; lw_m:21
  65. Abhorrence: Megalohydrothalassophobic (Svart) {1}: Db:27
  66. Agrimonia: Awaken (Southern Lord) {1}: tr_m:7
  67. Ails: The Unraveling (The Flenser) {1}: tr_m:17
  68. Akhenaten: Golden Serpent God (Satanath) {1}: lw_m:17
  69. Amorphis: Queen of Time (Nuclear Blast) {1}: lw_m:13
  70. Anicon: Entropy Mantra (Vendetta) {1}: av_m:+
  71. Author & Punisher: Beastland (Relapse) {1}: tr_m:20
  72. Band-Maid: World Domination (JPU) {1}: ax:6
  73. Black Label Society: Grimmest Hits (Entertainmenet One) {1}: lw_m:7
  74. Body Void: I Live Inside a Burning House (Crown and Throne) {1}: 405:40
  75. Bone Sickness: Theater of Morbidity (self-released) {1}: av_m:+
  76. Bosse-de-Nage: Further Still (The Flenser) {1}: av_m:+
  77. Chaos Echoes: Mouvement (Nuclear War Now!) {1}: tr_m:21
  78. Choral Hearse: Mire Exhumed (self-released) {1}: FB:72
  79. Churchburn: None Shall Live . . . The Hymns of Misery (Armageddon Label) {1}: av_m:+
  80. Cosmic Church: Tayttymys (Kuunpalvelus) {1}: Db:38
  81. Craft: White Noise and Black Metal (Season of Mist) {1}: lw_m:27
  82. Devouring Star: The Arteries of Heresy (Dark Descent) {1}: Db:32
  83. Dodsrit: Spirit Crusher (Prosthetic) {1}: N:74
  84. Extremity: Coffin Birth (20 Buck Spin) {1}: tr_m:25
  85. Five Finger Death Punch: And Justice for None (Prospect Park) {1}: lw_r:20
  86. Frontierer: Unloved (self-released) {1}: ex_m:8
  87. Funeral Mist: Hekatomb (Horma Evangelium Diaboli) {1}: Db:21
  88. Glorior Belli: The Apostates (Season of Mist) {1}: av_m:+
  89. Ice Nine Kills: The Silver Scream (Fearless) {1}: RkS:35
  90. Ilsa: Corpse Fortress (Relapse) {1}: N:70
  91. Jesus Piece: Only Self (Southern Lord) {1}: tr_m:19
  92. JIRM: Surge Ex Monumentis (Small Stone) {1}: FB:71
  93. Ken Mode: Loved (New Damage/Season of Mist) {1}: Db:37
  94. Legend of the Seagullmen: Legend of the Seagullmen (Dine Alone) {1}: lw_m:18
  95. Limbs: Father's Son (UNFD) {1}: RkS:30
  96. Lychgate: The Contagion in Nine Steps (Blood Music) {1}: lw_m:25
  97. Daron Malakian and Scars on Broadway: Dictator (Scarred for Life) {1}: lw_r:22
  98. Ministry: AmeriKKKant (Nuclear Blast) {1}: lw_m:24
  99. Moab: Through (Falling Dome) {1}: FB:60
  100. Monster Magnet: Mindfucker (Napalm) {1}: Db:36
  101. Mortuous: Through Wilderness (Tankcrimes) {1}: Db:25
  102. The Ocean: Phanerozoic I: Palaeozoic (Metal Blade) {1}: lw_m:11
  103. Old Wounds: Glow (Good Fight Music) {1}: Rev:22
  104. Our Hollow Our Home: In Moment//In Memory (//Hollow Music) {1}: RkS:36
  105. Pale Divine: Pale Divine (Shadow Kingdom) {1}: FB:31
  106. Primal Rite: Dirge of Escapism (Revelation) {1}: av_m:+
  107. Revocation: The Outer Ones (Metal Blade) {1}: av_m:+
  108. Sigh: Heir to Despair (Spinefarm) {1}: lw_m:28
  109. Sleepwalker: [-X-X] (Sentient Ruin) {1}: tr_m:23
  110. Slugdge: Esoteric Malacology (Willowtip) {1}: av_m:+
  111. Unleashed: The Hunt for White Christ (Napalm) {1}: lw_m:26
  112. Wake: Misery Rites (Translation Loss) {1}: Db:35
  113. Wiegedood: De Boden Hebben Het Goed III (Century Media) {1}: Sb:+
  114. Yovel: [Hide\'tu] (self-released) {1}: N:55


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