Rhapsody Streamnotes Project

In October 2007, I got a year pass to Rhapsody, a music streaming resource run by Real Networks. I'm not sure what all one can do with it. I've never tried to set up playlists, make use of other folks' playlists, etc., and I've regularly trashed everything I streamed. But it did prove useful for checking out things I might have been tempted to beg or buy, as well as stuff of minor interest that I wouldn't have bothered with otherwise. This proved particularly useful for fleshing out my 2007 year-end list, and provided occasional breaks from my jazz burdens through most of 2008. I kept notes on everything I played, assigning them grades on the basis of one or two plays. By the end of the year, I had listened to 318 records. I posted those notes in several batches, and finally got around to collecting them here.

In mid-July, 2009, I re-subscribed to Rhapsody, starting this series up again.

In January 2014, I decided to stop writing separate columns for Jazz Prospecting and Recycled Goods, so any physical CDs I received (or bought) were folded in here.