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  • Amish Door's Date Pudding

    Anya von Bremzen and John Welchman: Please to the Table

    Anya von Bremzen and John Welchman: Terrific Pacific Cookbook

    Ayla Algar: Classic Turkish Cooking

    Barbara Tropp: China Moon Cookbook

    Barbara Tropp: The Modern Art of Chinese Cooking

    Bea Hull:

    Betty Fussell: I Hear America Cooking

    Bruce Cost: Ginger: East to West

    Charmaine Solomon: Mastering the Art of Chinese Cooking

    Charmaine Solomon: The Complete Asian Cookbook

    Claudia Rosen: The Book of Jewish Food

    Clifford A. Wright: A Mediterranean Feast

    Colman Andrews: Catallan Cuisine

    Copelan Marks: Great Book of Couscous

    Dawn Davis: If You Can Stand the Heat

    Irene Kuo: The Key to Chinese Cooking

    Jeffrey Alford and Naomi Duguid: Flatbreads and Flavors

    Joan Nathan: The Foods of Israel Today

    Joyce Goldstein: Mediterranean: The Beautiful Cookbook

    Julie Sahni: Classic Indian Cooking

    Marcella Hazan: Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking

    Michael Lee West: Consuming Passions

    Nigella Lawson: New York Times

    Paula Wolfert: Couscous and Other Good Foods from Morocco

    Paula Wolfert: Mostly Mediterranean

    Penelope Casas: Delicioso

    Penelope Casas: Paella

    Penelope Casas: Tapas

    Regan Daley: In the Sweet Kitchen

    Ruth Reichl: Tender at the Bone

    Sarah Woodward: The Classic Mediterranean Cookbook

    Su-Mei Yu: Cracking the Coconut

    Tess Mallos: The Complete Middle East Cookbook

    Tom Colicchio: Think Like a Chef

    Tom Hull:

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